Top 10 Spy Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Spy Apps for iPhone

The best iPhone spy apps will allow you to see what your friend is doing on their phone, including browsing history and GPS tracking. There are many spy apps for iPhone, but not all of them work or perform as well as the others.

These spy apps don’t necessarily have to be unethical. They can, for instance, monitor the internet usage of children. We’ll be looking at the best spy app for iPhone 2023, and comparing them to see which one is best.

Top 10 iPhone Spy Apps

This page will compare the top spy apps for iPhones.

All the apps in this list can do basic tasks well, but we want to show you how they compare with each other and their price tags so that you can find the best iPhone spy software for your needs.

1. mSpy 

mSpy is a spy app that targets parents and runs undetected on target devices, is a powerful tool. Remotely control programs and apps on your iPhone from any location, all without being detected.

Besides these, mSpy allows you to easily monitor your location, social media platforms, and messages, as well as phone calls and browser history. Screen recording capabilities; You can see everything that is happening on your device in real time.

Plus, where other tools might have difficulties with GPS tracking. mSpy is extremely accurate with geofencing support. allows you to view location history.


  • mSpy is completely undetectable
  • You have the option to choose which sites and WiFi networks you want your child to use
  • The most widely used iPhone spying tool on the market
  • Extremely robust GPS tracking and Geofencing
  • Most of its features can be used without jailbreak.
  • Get a free trial to spy on your iPhone.
  • Incredible value for money


  • The higher end of the pricing spectrum

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2. EyeZy

EyeZy is a great iPhone spy app for monitoring and tracking in real-time. This spy app can be used to alert you when your target phone enters or exits the geofenced areas.

You can also receive alerts about incoming calls and specific keywords in text messages or on social media accounts. You can create alerts to notify you if your child uses certain words, such as “porn”, “dating sites,” or “suicide,” for example.

EyeZy also offers many other great features. This app allows users to monitor messages across multiple social media channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

It can take screenshots, browse photos, and search through the target user’s email and calendar. You’ll have all you need for security and peace of mind in one glance.

EyeZy’s installation process is extremely simple. EyeZy can be installed directly on an iPhone using iCloud sync.

You can also install EyeZy on a local WiFi network by using the local sync feature of your iPhone. The app can be detected with specialized software once it is installed.


  • Real-time location and keyword alerts
  • Built-in keystroke logger
  • Ideal for tracking social media
  • Check out the calendar of the target phone
  • It can be connected to a local WiFi network.
  • Competitive pricing


  • Live-screen recording is not supported

3. uMobix

uMobix is the best social media spying app. This spy app allows users to track the online activities of a target on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

uMobix can even spy on conversations in dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. This gives parents a great deal of transparency into their children’s online activities.

uMobix also has many other features such as a keystroke logger and GPS tracker. Remotely control the settings of a phone can be used to limit screen time for specific apps, or prevent it from being accessed entirely.

This app also allows you to track deleted data and modify contacts.

You will be notified if a target user changes the name of a contact, and uMobix can help you track activity related to that contact.

uMobix can be used remotely to activate the camera, and microphone, or record any activity on an iPhone. This makes it extremely useful for monitoring more than what’s going on with the phone. It can also be used to remotely activate an iPhone’s camera or microphone, and record activity on the screen in real-time.

This applies to social media and video content.


  • You can monitor a variety of social media apps
  • Track messages on dating apps
  • GPS phone tracking support
  • Keep track of changes in contact names
  • Remotely activate the microphone or camera
  • Remotely block apps and limit screen time


  • Customer support is not rated as stellar.
  • The features it offers are a little more expensive than the others.

5. XNSpy

XNSpy is one of the few iOS spy apps that can be used without jailbreak and without the need to install the software. It is one of the best iPhone spy apps that doesn’t require physical access to the target iPhone.

This app is a huge player in the iOS spying market and with good reason. It’s packed with features, but it is very user-friendly.

You also get handy alerts. The premium version includes alerts for when a watchlist word or email is mentioned.

Remotely access the target’s camera and record their surroundings. You can even stealthily wipe data. XNSpy, one of the most hidden spy apps for iPhone is almost undetectable when installed on a monitored phone.

XNSpy allows you to view emails from the target device, and it is compatible with iOS as well as Android. It’s one of the best Android spy app.

XNSpy is the perfect tool to help you manage your data. You can easily monitor and examine multimedia files on your tracked device. This is great for parental monitoring and businesses who want to monitor the use of their work devices.

XNSpy allows you to track the location of your spy phone and view its location history. However, it comes at a higher cost.


  • Monitors both iOS and Android devices
  • This is a great way to get an iPhone that has not been jailbroken
  • Even if the tool isn’t installed, it still works
  • Stays completely invisible
  • Remote access to microphone and camera
  • Great alerts system


  • Relies on the monitored device having an internet connection
  • For iOS spying, Disabling iCloud synchronization will prevent you from spying on your device in real-time.

6. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the best iPhone spy app. We found it to be more useful than other iPhone spy apps due to its wide range of features. It is compatible with Android phones and the app can be installed immediately to set up stealth mode.

After installing iKeyMonitor to an iPhone, there’s no need for you to alter the customization. The app can be easily removed from the target phone.

It was originally developed to become a keylogger program. However, it can now provide remote control over the target device including taking screenshots and recording videos.

iKeyMonitor’s interface is very simple. It provides a user profile as well as a control panel for the targeted iPhone. It can also be used to bypass malware scanners and anti-virus programs since it is installed as a system application.

Some of the more advanced capabilities are locked behind a paywall. The free version may not suffice depending on your needs.


  • Get one of the top spy apps for iPhone absolutely free
  • It hides and installs as a system program
  • Very simple user interface
  • The best iPhone keylogger
  • Amazing capabilities for taking screenshots
  • Remote access to the target device
  • If necessary, you can remotely uninstall the app


  • Without physical access to your mobile device, the tool won’t work.
  • The paid version can be a little more expensive.

7. Spyic

Spyic is a great iOS spy app for parental monitoring. You can block unwanted sites and messages with just one button. It can track SMS messages, GPS locations and social media.

Spyic can track deleted messages and phone calls, which is one of its greatest features. Spyic allows you to monitor any social media platform, including Telegram and Facebook.

You don’t even need to root the phone or jailbreak it to monitor it.

You also have access to a keylogger, which allows you to track your children’s keystrokes. Remote access can also be used to remotely access their microphone or camera to monitor their conversations.

Spyic allows you to view your children’s multimedia files and monitor their online activity. Spyic is the best tool for iPhone spying and parental purposes.


  • Accurate GPS tracking software
  • You can easily block certain sites, messages, or other content
  • Amazing social media spying capabilities
  • Specialized for use by parents
  • Remote camera and microphone access
  • Excellent customer support


  • No geofencing features
  • We lack advanced monitoring capabilities

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8. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker’s iPhone version is free and one of the most popular spy apps. You can easily track the activities of any target cell phone. It allows you to view multimedia files, messages, GPS locations, and other information.

Mobile Tracker’s flexible pricing plans will let you customize your pricing so that you only get the features you want.

The free version of the program is not to be dismissed. It will allow you to take screenshots every two hours and monitor up to 5 calls per day, but you can only monitor one device.

Remote control is possible that allows you to lock the device, use the camera and record sound remotely. You can also monitor multimedia files such as photos, audio recordings, and images.

Mobile Tracker is a great tool for parents. You can monitor all the above and also block any applications.

It will also alert you instantly if something is added to your spied iPhone calendar.


  • Two different paid plans
  • Multimedia file access
  • The best iPhone spy app for free
  • Notifies you when an event has been added to your calendar
  • All applications can be blocked from the monitored phone.


  • It depends on an internet connection.
  • The GPS tracking system could be more advanced

9. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the best-hidden spy apps for iPhone. This app is designed for parents and employers. It includes GPS location tracking, call audio, and social media monitoring.

The free version is comparable to the best iPhone spy apps. It detects SIM card changes automatically and can be used on both PCs and smartphones. It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

You can remotely monitor all activity on the spy device, and even track your to-do list. This monitoring app is a common choice for businesses.

It can monitor all of the above and many other apps that are used for hidden communications like Viber, Kik, Snapchat, and Viber. This allows you to keep track of communications that are often kept secret or automatically deleted.

You can still send and receive SMS messages, even if they are deleted from your call history.


  • GPS tracking capabilities
  • A limited number of free versions are available
  • Monitors apps such as Viber, Kik, and Snapchat
  • Even if messages or phone calls are deleted, the system tracks them and keeps track of them
  • Spy on iOS, macOS, and Android devices
  • Automatically detects any changes to to-do list items


  • Spying on iOS and macOS is notoriously buggy
  • Some advanced features could be added to the free version

10. Spyera

Spyera is an iOS spy app that can be used for general surveillance activities. Most of its features are not required to root the device.

It offers text message tracking, social monitoring, and app usage tracking, as well as more advanced features called recording.

You can also remotely turn WiFi on or off, and monitor how your employees or children spend their time online. If the SIM card is changed, it will notify you immediately.

You can also remotely control the phone and turn it off or on again. It’s completely anonymous and hidden. The tool can also track whether any USB or wireless connections have been made with the device.

Spyera is an outstanding tool with excellent capabilities, a reasonable premium plan, and a great user interface. The beginner experience could be simpler.


  • Wireless connection and USB tracking
  • Call recording features
  • In the event of a SIM Card Change, you will be immediately notified
  • Remotely turn on or off internet connections, and shut down/restart your device.
  • Keep track of which apps were opened when


  • You need to jailbreak iOS for it to work
  • It could be simpler to start a business.

Conclusion — Top iPhone Spy Apps

There are many options available on the market. The features you need and the price are the key factors in choosing the best iPhone spy apps. mSpy remains the top-ranked program on such lists. Here are your top choices.

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