5+ Most Popular Netflix Movies You Can Watch

Long Shot

Long Shot is a popluar romantic comedy movie where a politician hire a speechwriter make a run for the Presidency.

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The Devil on Trial

The Devil on Trial is a dark documentary movie that examines the apparent possession of a young boy and the brutal murder that follows.

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Tammy is a roadtrip comedy film in which Tammy goes on a trip with her grandmother after her husband cheats on her and she loses her job.

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The Misfits

In this film, a talented international thief travel with a criminal gang and join his team for a gold heist in one of the most secure prisons on Earth,


This movie shows a hardened detective unraveling a complex web of deception while revealing the truth behind the brutal murder of a young real estate agent.

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Spy Kids

Spy Kids is a 4 parts famous crime thriller and spy film in which kids save their spy parents from the evil mastermind enemy.

Look Away

A psychological mystery and thriller movie that follows Maria, an isolated high school student when she switches places with her frightening mirror image.

American Made

The actor in this movie show is the best airline pilot who has become a drug-smuggler and wants to make fast money

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