8 Best Streaming Services for Kids


Disney+ is the best streaming service for kids. And there are many movies and series available on this platform

Netflix Kids

Netflix Kids offers a distinct section of Netflix where you can let your kids browse the films and shows specifically designed specifically for their needs.

Apple TV+

Watch more on Apple TV+ and less time looking for shows to watch. Check out the most popular TV shows to watch with your Kids. Lots of kids shows available on Apple TV+ platform.

Image: Apple

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is available on all connected devices, smart tv, set-top boxes, games consoles, mobile devices, and streaming platforms such as Amazon Fire TV.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is the best free streaming platform for kids. A child-focused offshoot of video sharing website YouTube, YouTube Kids launched in 2015 and is targeted at kids who aren't yet 13 years old.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is the best streaminng service. Kids can find plenty to watch thanks in part to "child-friendly" categories, which let them choose between Drama, Trending funny and cartoons.

Image: BBC iPlayer

PBS Kids

PBS Kids encourages respectful interaction with diverse communities and enables parents, teachers, and caregivers to have a say in the type of programming shown on TV.

Image: kvie.org


Hulu streaming service has a variety of classic sitcoms and reality shows that are geared toward an audience of kid.