8 Common Bank Scams You Should Know

Overpayment scam

A fraud where scammers send extra money, then request a refund, leaving victims with financial losses.

Unsolicited check fraud

Do you remember receiving a check in the mail that you weren't expecting? It may appear to be an unpaid rebate check or a refund of an overpayment.

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Automatic withdrawals scam

Free products where you only pay for shipping are ways for companies to trick you into signing up for this kind of bank scam.

Loan scam

Deceptive schemes where fraudsters promise loans with attractive terms but require upfront fees or personal information, leading to financial losses for victims.

Phishing link

By phishing, scammers use emails and texts to deceive users into giving away personal information include passwords, credit detail, account numbers, and much more.

Charity scam

Scammers also make use of the advantage of others by pretending to be charitable organizations. They will call and ask for donations to a cause or charity.

Employment scam

Job scams typically occur via email, however, scammers may also attempt to contact victims by phone or mail. In some cases, job sites may knowingly accept job postings that later turn out to be scams.

Lottery and award scam

You receive a phone call or email telling you that you won a prize, lottery, sweepstakes, or prize. Scammers collect your personal information including your account details, card number and password.