8 Exercises to Burn Calories for Weight Loss

Image: vogue.co.uk


Running is one of the best exercise to burn calories.


If you swim for 30 minutes, then 200 to 300 calories are burnt.


If you do cycling for 1 hour then you can burn 500 to 700 calories.

HIIT exercises

If you want to burn 500+ calories in just a 30-minute, HIIT exercises is the best opction.

Jumping rope

Adding jumping rope to your routine can help you reach your weight loss and calorie burning goals.


The pulling and pushing motion of rowing targets a variety of muscles, including the core, arms, as well as back muscles, which help to burn calories.


If you want to burn 140 to 200 calories, then you should include calisthenics in daily exercise.


Boxing is a great way to improve balance, increase stamina and strengthen the upper body and core.