8 Highest-Paying Walmart Jobs

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Store Manager Average salary: $200,000

Walmart store managers are responsible for everything from supervising employees to ensuring sales targets are met.

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Software Engineer Average salary: $123,000

Walmart software engineers to develop its online platform, providing an effortless online shopping experience for online customers.

Data Scientist Average salary: $135,000

Data Scientist at Walmart, This role is important in determining marketing strategies and analyzing purchasing patterns.

Pharmacist Average salary: 150,000

Walmart pharmacists play an important part in providing medical advice and dispensing medicines.

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Financial Analyst Average salary: $70,000

Walmart's financial analysts examine company financial data, and business performance and help with strategic planning to ensure company remains profitable.

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Supply Chain Manager Average salary: $80,000

Supply chain managers are tasked with monitoring the flow of information, ensuring on-time delivery, and optimizing logistics.

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Attorneys Average salary: $150,000

Walmart has a team in-house of attorneys who handle a variety of legal issues, from real estate transactions to employment issues.

Human Resources Manager Average salary: $100,000

HR managers play an essential part in recruiting or training and maintaining the health of Walmart's huge workforce.

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