8 Jobs Technology Has Destroyed

Data-Entry Clerks

Advanced software and data capture technology have automated data entry tasks, reducing the need for human data entry clerks.

Bank Tellers

Automated teller machines (ATMs) and online banking have reduced the demand for in-person bank tellers

Image: istockphoto.com

Travel Agents

The rise of online travel booking platforms has reduced the need for travel agents. People can now easily plan and book their trips online.

Warehouse Workers

Automation and robotics have replaced many manual labor jobs in manufacturing plants. Machines can often perform tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans.


Technology advancements have changed the job of receptionists. Automated telephone systems, chatbots and virtual assistants.


Self-checkout machines and automated kiosks are becoming more common in retail stores, leading to a decreased demand for cashiers.

Lift Operators

Elevators, and automated lifts can now work without the intervention of a human.

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Factory Workers

Automation technology has assumed many factory roles, increasing safety and efficiency. Humans nowadays focus on monitoring and machines maintenance.