8 Things That Make Humans Special


"Speech is our bridge to understanding, while communication's art shapes connections, fostering empathy, and building the bonds of humanity."

Upright Posture

"Maintaining upright posture ensures spine health, exudes confidence, and promotes overall well-being, enhancing our physical and mental presence."


"Nakedness, our natural state, symbolizes vulnerability, authenticity, and the acceptance of our bodies in a world often defined by attire."

RollingEarth via Getty Images


Humans are often referred to as "naked Apes" but, the majority of people wear clothes and accessories, which makes us different within our animal family.

Extraordinary Brains

Without a doubt, the human trait that sets us apart from other animals is our incredible brain. The brain functions such as decision making, executive control, emotional regulation.


Humans are unique in how we move our thumb from the palm to the ring finger and little fingers.


Humans' ability to tame fire transformed day into night, helping our ancestors see in the dark and ward off nighttime predators.


Blushing makes expression unique and human." The reason why people shy away from voluntarily expressing their innermost feelings is not known.