Amazon Updates Alexa with Generative AI 

Alexa will now be powered by a new custom large-language model (LLM), which will improve voice interaction with the virtual assistant.

Smart Home Control

With the new Alexa LLM technology more devices are able to work at the same time.

Echo Show and Alexa apps make real-time audio and video call translation easy


Alexa Emergency Assist

Just ask, "Alexa, call for help, Alexa allows anyone to reach out for help instantly and gives smart alerts to emergency contacts.

Eye Gaze on Alexa

This feature helps users with mobility or speech disabilities to use Alexa with their eyes.


Character.AI is the new Alexa skill that voices conversations with 25 unique characters

Email to Alexa

Enlist Alexa to manage your family's calendar by sending an invite, email, or even a picture of the event directly to Alexa through email.

The other features include Game Start Routines, Profile-level Voice Customization, AI Art on Fire TV