Aska A5 Flying car Completes 300 Mile Road Test In Silicon Valley

Image: ASKA

ASKA A5 has also recently launch the first flying car

ASKA A5 successfully completes 300 miles of road test

Image: ASKA

ASKA A5 flying car is shaped like an oddly-shaped SUV during drive mode

Image: ASKA

ASKA A5 flying car road test in Silicon Valley


ASKA A5 made the first electric flying car and achieve authorization from the DMV

Image: ASKA

Car will be commercialized in 2026 if the test and certification procedures are completed

Image: Reuters

ASKA A5 is first electric flying car has started its type certification process with the FAA

Image: ASKA

ASKA A5 4-seater flying car with 300 mile rage

Image: NFT