Best Casual Games to Play on PS4


Windbound is a survival-based game that heavily involves the exploration of the seas.

With an average time to complete of 8 hours, Unravel is a great game for casual gamers


A Short Hike is exactly that an hour and a half of pure delight when you manage a tiny bird named Claire during her holiday to a serene island.

A Short Hike

Fall Guys

This video game version of the popular 1980s television series Takeshi's Castle allows you to customize your character and participate with other players in a series of challenges in a game show.

Explore the ancient, mysterious realm of Journey while you fly above the ruins and glide through the sands to uncover the secrets of this ancient city.


Among Us

"Among Us" is an multiplayer game that is played by four to fifteen players. Three players can be randomly selected and then secretly chosen to be the Impostors for each round.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a frantic co-op cooking game played by up to four players. You must serve a variety of recipes like sushi, pasta cakes, burgers, and cakes.

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game developed by Java by Mojang where you are able to create anything you can imagine.