Best Educational Toys For Kids

Science Magic Kit

This magic science kit is filled with everything children need to conduct 20 different experiments that can also be used in magic tricks!

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Tilted Brush Stroke

Interactive Map

This map contains more than 500 facts. It also helps develop the knowledge of geography and environment along with memory and problem-solving skills.


Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is one of the most popular brain games and brain-challenging puzzles. It assists in the development of crucial skills while kids play their way through the challenges

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Interactive Human Body

Learn about the human body by creating layers of organs, bones, and muscles! Every body part snaps together and has a realistically accurate representation.

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Coding Starter Kit

This kit is a great way to enjoy learning with your kid. It includes a variety of coding games that help them learn the basics and help instill an interest in coding.


Laser Maze

Laser Maze develops critical skills through the challenges of this game. Players must use laser splitters and mirrors, beam splitting, and brainpower to guide lasers across the maze to illuminate the target.

Solar Robot

The Solar Robot is a popular science toy for kids. It teaches youngsters how to build a moving robot by using the solar panel.

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Disgusting Science Kit

The Disgusting Science Kit teaches children what is actually growing on our bodies. They'll learn fun facts about body parts and byproducts.

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