8 Best Jobs That Are Safest From AI


AI is quite intelligent It's a bit difficult to imagine it providing shaving and haircuts anytime soon. Barbers will likely remain in demand for some time in the future.

Child care workers

This is one of the jobs where locating a reliable, skilled human being is priceless and unlikely to stay out of fashion.


Firefighters also respond and aid people in situations that arise from accidents and natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, storms, floods and landslides.

Nursing assistants

Nursing generally work in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Nursing assistants care for patients, provide medical treatment, and assist in their recovery.

Laundry and dry-cleaning workers

Dry-cleaning and laundry workers clean clothes, linens, drapes, clothing, and other things, with the help of drying, washing, and dry-cleaning machines.

Gambling services workers

Gaming service workers assist customers in gambling establishments like racetracks or casinos. Certain workers operate slots or deal cards.

Skin care specialists

Skincare professionals are well-versed in different skincare products techniques and treatments They are able to improve the overall appearance and health of their client's skin.

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Passenger attendants

Passenger attendants offer assistance to protect passengers aboard vessels, trains, or buses and in the terminal or at the station.