8 Best Smart Home Devices from IFA 2023

Aqara's Ceiling Light T1M has the option of 16 million colors and an independent adressable RGB ring that is visible from the outside.

Aqara's Ceiling Light T1M

Image: Aqara

Eve Play AirPlay 2 Receiver

The Eve Play is a small AirPlay 2 receiver that can transform any traditional speaker into a smart connected and wireless speaker.

Image: Eve

This smart robotic lawnmower features a 3D lidar technology which is typically found in robotic lawnmowers.

Dreame Roboticmower A1

Image: Dreame

Medium Brush Stroke

Withings ScanWatch 2

Withings ScanWatch 2 is the first smartwatch or wearable devie to provide baseline readings of your body's day and night temperature readings

Image: Withings ScanWatch

Belkin Qi2 Wireless Charging Stations

The Belkin Qi2 Wireless Charging Station can charge compatible devices at up to 15W and is a 3-in-1 wireless charging device.

Image: Belkin

JBL Authentic Speakers

JBL Authentic Speaker is a new wireless speaker that comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

Image: JBL

Philips Hue Security Cameras

Philips Hue Secure comes with wired and battery powered security cameras

Image: Philips Hue

Image: Yeelight

Yeelight Smart Lighting

The Yeelight LED bulb is an affordable light bulb with a color that can be controlled via your smartphone or your voice.