Double Tap Gesture on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Introduces Double Tap Gesture Feature on Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

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Double tap gesture running watchOS 10.1 on Apple Watch's

Double Tap to make easy control just one hand and without touching the display.

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Double tap new feature use for swipe, raise to wake, cover to mute, and play music on or off.

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Double Tap Work

Tap rapidly using the index fingers and thumbs of the hands

Image: Amelia Holowaty Krales/The Verge

Customizing gestures

Go to Apple watch Settings > Gestures > Double Tap select customization options under Playback and Smart Stack.

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Apple Watch Series 9 Price

Aluminum: From $399 Stainless Steel: From $699

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price

Ultra 2: From $799

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