Top Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US

Blockchain Architect Salary ($192,000 –$325,000)

 Blockchain Architects are responsible for creating and building blockchain systems. They ensure that the solutions are aligned with business requirements and integrate easily with existing systems.

Cloud Solutions Architect Salary ($161,000 – $263,000)

Cloud solutions architects are an expert who is accountable for designing creating, implementing and developing the cloud-based computing strategy and solution.

UX Lead Salary ($144,000 – $233,000)

The career path within the UX domain usually begins with roles such as UX Design or Researcher. These roles gradually move into a UX Lead.

Data Architect Salary ($126,000 – $193,000)

Many Data Architects begin their careers with Database Administrators and Data Analysts. They then move into an architect role after they gain knowledge.

Data Scientist Salary ($122,000 – $193,000)

Data scientists utilize data to study and explain the processes that surround them. They also help companies make better decisions. They are essential in industries like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. 3

Machine Learning Engineer Salary ($121,000 – $193,000)

Machine Learning Engineers design the algorithms and then implement them to enable machines to process data and make decision. these professionals are in high demand.

Product Manager Salary ($114,000 – $191,000)

Product managers are responsible for the strategy and development of products or software applications. They work closely with cross-functional teams.

DevOps Engineer Salary ($99,000 – $157,000)

Their primary responsibility is to automatize and streamline processes, which ensures quick and reliable software delivery. 3