8 Most Dangerous Places in the World


According to John Gobbels, The radical inequality in wealth and classes could explain some of the risks of scams and theft in this country.


The eruption of a volcano has placed Kilauea into a condition emergency which includes toxic gas, fissures, lava flows, and earthquakes being all in danger.

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Gobbels states that is dangerous places such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea. It's konw as the capital of murder in the nation and has many gangs operating on a wide scale.

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Israel and the Middle East

Due to the recent unrest and violence in the aftermath of a U.S. embassy's move to Jerusalem, The region could be a dangerous destination

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According to worldatlas.com, Brazil most dangerous cities in the world. known for its prevalent criminal activities, bacterial and environmental pollution.


The crime rate in Madagascar is quite low but incidents of robbery and looting are high here.

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Cairo, Egypt

world's most dangerous city for women, sexual violence and cultural expectations are high in this place

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Violent crime, including sexual assault and murder, is also common in this state, with many gangs in the cities and on the borders.

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