Top Apple Products That Failed Miserably

Apple HomePod

Apple's smart speaker was expensive and limited functionality in comparison to other smart speakers.

Image: Apple

Apple Maps

Apple Maps launched in 2012 as a replacement for Google Maps. Apple Maps provide Turn-by-turn navigation, traffic updates, lane guidance, traffic signs and stop lights.

Apple Newton

Apple Newton was nonetheless an initial attempt at a functional, portable computer, prior to Blackberry or Palm Pilot. Which was released in 1993.


Power Mac G4 Cube

An entirely new class of computer, it combines the Pentium-breaking performance of the Power Mac G4 with the miniaturization, quiet operation, and elegant desktop style of the iMac.

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Round mouse

The Apple "Round Mouse" you're referring to is likely the Apple USB Mouse, also known informally as the "Hockey Puck Mouse" due to its round and compact design.

Image: buxtoncollection/Microsoft

Apple Pippin

The Apple Pippin was a multimedia and gaming console produced in 1997. The most important reason for Pippin's failure was its expensive cost.

Image: TechTudo

U2 iPod

The U2 iPod is a special edition of Apple's iPod music player that was released in 2004

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Apple III

Apple let its design team outsmart the engineering team to create a computer with numerous physical faults and overheating issues.

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