Image: Alex Castro/The Verge

Top Google Products That No Longer Exist

Google Video

Google Video was the tech giant's free video-hosting service that allowed users to share video clips. But after some time in 2006, Google bought YouTube.


Google Reader

Google Reader was an RSS feed reader but Google stopped updating this service several years ago.

Google Talk

Google Talk was an instant messaging service where Gmail users talk to each other via text or voice.

Image: Screenshot of Google Talk

Google Knol

Google Knol was a website where users write articles and earn rewards for their contributions.

Google Wave was an online communication and collaboration platform, but users failed to adopt it enough in just 2 years.

Google Wave


Google Nexus

Google Nexus was a series of flagship Android phones, tablets, and accessories from Google. After some time Google moved towards Pixel phones.

Google Project Ara

Project Ara was a modular smartphone project being developed by Google. This was a very expensive project which stopped in 2016.


Google Clips

Google Clips Mini is an AI powered camera that was designed to capture short videos and moments automatically.