8 Useful Car Gadgets and Accessories

Heads Up Hands Free Driving Display

Improve your vision quickly and efficiently by using a pair of hands- free binoculars glasses.

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Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System displays the current tire pressure and temperature.

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Mini Tire Air Inflator

Its mini air compressor is equipped with latest technology and impressive air pressure output that is used to refuel your tires whenever you want.

12V Car Mini Fridge

The car mini fridge will keep up to six cans chilled during your journey thanks to its 12V power supply.

Image: Ford

LED Car Light Strips

Install these lights with LEDs that come in 16 million colors and set the lights according to your music for fun.

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Portable Air Purifier

Using the power of activated carbon and a HEPA filter This device is able to cleanse your air 99.7 percent of smoke, dust smells, and dander.

Image: Steriluxe

Magic Dust Removing Putty

The putty will get into those tiny places and scrub them clean. It's got a lovely lemon scent and doesn't make your hands feel sticky.

Image: getuscart.com

Universal Fit Car Cover

This cover provides UV protection and protects the car from dirt and protects it from snow, rain dust and animal waste.