Walmart Offers Complete Refunds After Unexpected Self-Checkout Charges

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Walmart offers full refunds on these $49 purchases

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Walmart came up with another issue: Many shoppers realized they spent $49 on a Walmart+ membership they didn't want to buy.

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Self-Checkout Kiosks that have been decided to refund have not yet activated your Walmart membership

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Walmart is now refunds, If you fell victim to this sneaky promotion

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Walmart spokesperson said, Any Shppers who took benefit of this offer at a self-checkout and have not activated iit will receive a full refund with proof of purchase,

Walmart is providing refunds for accidental purchases of Walmart membership


The subscription prompt was part of Walmart Plus Week, which competed with Amazon's Prime Day, which ran from July 10 to 13.

Claim for refunds visit Walmart website and store