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Terms & Condition

The Tech Trend is a user-centric platform that attempts to care for transparency and evenhandedness within our performance.

By studying our terms and condition, we understand that you’re conscious of general modus operandi and other operational principles. We request our users to refer to our terms and conditions before availing of our services.

Conditions of Use

You will concede that the information contributed by The Tech Trend and its partners are essential for general purpose only. Each piece of advice has been conferred with the intent to supply meaningful, informative, and educational details. In no circumstance, The following Tech must be held responsible for the creativity, accuracy, and validity of this info.

The following Tech will not be held responsible for any damage/ injury / and loss incurred to the user because of the information available on the site. The use and implementation of the data posted on our site is solely the user’s liability and we have no role play in this.

Third-party links terms of usage

To serve you a wide variety of content, we have to join hands with other partners too. Our site or cellular application may contain various third-party hyperlinks below precisely the same procedure. Though we associate only with trusted resources, we shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to managing the third party.

You will understand that we do not endorse and warranty you about any information provided by the third party and using or not using them is an individual’s decision.

Change of the policy

The following Tech is an independent company and holds the right to change/delete/alter/Alter its terms and conditions with no prior notice. In this case, all the modifications would be upgraded on our official sites simultaneously. We request our users to maintain in visiting and refereeing our official page to have updated knowledge about our latest terms and condition.

We aren’t responsible for any half/improper and incomplete information and any loss that transpires because of this.

Policy acceptance

We request all users to give their approval for our policies before really availing of our services. In the event you’re unsatisfied with our terms of usage, we propose not to use our services. We assume that whenever you are visiting our site, you’re mindful of our terms and requirements and also have nodded to them as well.

Guest Post

To provide upstate and diverse content to our readers, we do have a guest article facility. Nevertheless, you should understand that the content ought to be error & plagiarism-free, original, and feature only copyright-free images and confirmed links and facts. After a guest post is accepted by us, you can’t publish the same content everywhere else. We’re not responsible for the issues which arrive due to these guest posts, though we strive to confirm the uniqueness of those posts in our conclusion.


All the information available on the website has been gathered from various sources like social media, local news stations, and papers. You shall understand that the information if for instruction and informational purposes only. If a person takes any action or behavior inappropriately on account of this information available on the website then the liability of the same shall not come to The Tech Trend.

For almost any issue related to affiliate solutions, we recommend you contact the affiliate support supplier only. We do use affiliate marketing and promote other services/products as part of our enterprise. On the other hand, the users hold all the right to avail of them. We will not be culpable for any damage that happened during the affiliate advertising purchases.

The views and opinions of our readers are based on their personal experiences and thought processes. Tech Trend is not responsible for them. We do not promote any illegal, discriminatory, or unseemly conduct through our site and we reserve all the rights to delete such content without prior notice.