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April Miller is a staff writer at ReHack Magazine with a passion for all things tech, though her favorite topics are cybersecurity and machine learning. Offline, you can find her on the hiking trail or testing out the latest new gadget.

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Demand Forecasting
Artificial Intelligence

Why Should Companies Invest in AI-Driven Demand Forecasting?

Staying ahead of market trends and constantly evolving consumer preferences is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. However, traditional demand forecasting methods often...

Startup People
Growth Strategies

Should Your Startup Use the Four-Day Workweek?

Living through the pandemic has changed a lot about how business is run. Employers must implement new strategies to stay afloat. Retaining and...

lifesaving technology

4 Lifesaving Technologies You’ve Never Thought About

When you think of lifesaving technology, you might consider highly technical medical equipment or advanced GPS tracking devices. But what about the technologies...

IoT Career Opportunities
Big Data

10 Emerging IoT Career Opportunities

There’s no denying that our world has become awash in internet-connected devices, from smartphones and laptops to smart home appliances. Integrating devices with...

5 Challenges Small Businesses Face With A Remote Workforce

5 Challenges Small Businesses Face With A Remote Workforce

Due to the pandemic, working from home is becoming a common theme for many employees — a trend that will likely continue into...