The Top 5 Richest Crypto Investors on The Ethereum Network

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It is no news that ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin. Ethereum and Bitcoin have been rivals for quite a long time, and ethereum seems like the Bitcoin killer. However, Bitcoin’s dominance is one of the battles ethereum needs to conquer before attaining this fit. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that apart from ethereum having a solid fundamental, there are various investors behind ethereum progress and price plunge. Some of these investors are such that they have a considerable amount of investment in the ethereum network, pushing the price of Ethereum to where it is currently. It’s advisable to buy ethereum now that its price is somewhat pocket-friendly.

Ethereum was developed such that it has the capacity to run decentralized applications and smart contracts. These contracts are executed without a third party, which means it’s transparent and independent. So, with this core fundamental, most of the applications and smart contracts on the ethereum network are such that they attract several investors to the ethereum blockchain. Here are some of the most valued investors on the ethereum network.

JP Morgan Chase and Co

It’s impossible to discuss the top 5 most prominent ethereum investors without mentioning JP Morgan Chase. It’s a New-York based investment bank and financial institution. It has been so bullish on the ethereum network. This company pays its stakeholder handsomely on every investment made with them and, in turn, also invests primarily on the ethereum network. It’s one of the top investors on the ethereum network, not because it’s a financial institution but because, unlike other institutions, it saw the bigger picture in the future of Ethereum and cryptocurrency as a whole., Inc.

Amazon operates one of the largest e-commerce businesses globally and ranked second on the most bullish investor on the Ethereum network. There’s no e-commerce platform as versatile as Amazon as it encompasses several items from luxuries to accessories to other indoors and outdoors appliances. One of the means of payment for items purchased on Amazon is by using ethereum. So, peradventure you have ethereum, or you want to buy ethereum, be sure to remember that you could use it as a mode of payment on Amazon. Sometimes in December, the company announced its interest in cryptocurrency, hence adopting ethereum as payment method.

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Microsoft cooperation

This software-leading Tech Company was one of the first tech firms to accept cryptocurrency as mode of payment. In 2019, they founded the Azure blockchain token, which assisted enterprises with the ethereum coin. Some of the first users of these new mints were virtual reality gadgets manufacturers and other game developing companies. Some of the shareholders of these companies are such that they have more than $20 million in investments putting Microsoft cooperation in the third spot of the richest ethereum investors.

Credit Suisse Group

This group specifies in wealth management in Switzerland. In February 2020, one of the American crypto startup Paxos, in business with Credit Suisse Group, enjoyed the first-ever live blockchain-based settlement of the United States equities. In February 2019, the Credit Suisse Asset Management, owned by the wealth manager, Banco Best, based in Portugal, successfully carried out live end-to-end transactions via blockchain technology. Since then, this group has been one of the wealthiest investors on the ethereum network even to this present moment.

Vitalik Buterin

It’s impossible to discuss ethereum or any other related post without mentioning the founder himself. Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian software developer, one of the founders of ethereum, and a co-founder of the Bitcoin magazine. It’s, however, quite impossible to grasp the exact amount of Ethereum Vitalik has in his possession. However, in 2018, he disclosed his ethereum wallet having about 355,000 ETH. Currently, estimating this amount of ether to the current price of Ethereum is over a billion dollars. Hence, Vitalik Buterin is the youngest crypto billionaire making ethereum even more bullish at the time. If you bought ethereum some two years ago, you must have made more than 5X the price you purchased, assuming you held for the long term.

The ethereum network is one of the most advanced in the crypto community, even more, advanced than the Bitcoin network. Ethereum being second-generation crypto means its transactions as faster and enjoy more speed when compared to Bitcoin. Ethereum is rumored to have the fastest network when it comes to transactions (deposits and withdrawals). Nonetheless, several upgrades are ongoing on the ethereum network to keep the network more advanced and scalable.

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