Top 10 Companies Hosting Cryptocurrency ATM Systems in the World

Cryptocurrency ATM

The popularity of cryptocurrency meant that the development of cryptocurrency ATMs was inevitable. A cryptocurrency ATM functions just like an ATM but the transactions are not linked to financial institutions because crypto networks are decentralized. Users can exchange fiat currency for cryptos at a cryptocurrency ATM. This makes it easier for users to access their cryptocurrencies. Many companies now offer services as cryptocurrency ATMs. Below is a list highlighting the most prominent cryptocurrency ATM companies.

Top 10 Companies Hosting Cryptocurrency ATM

1. Bitcoin Depot

This is a bitcoin ATM that provides investors with safer, more secure, and easier access to bitcoin cryptos. It is also one of the fastest-growing multilevel cryptocurrencies and aims to bring digital currency to the masses.

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2. CoinCloud

CoinCloud is a national network of high-end digital currency machines that are fully featured and feature-rich. It offers private, white-glove client services and a custom, decentralized wallet app with over 4000 machines. It allows users to purchase bitcoin and more than 30 digital currencies using their card or digital wallet addresses.

3. Shinrai

Shinrai provides innovative technological solutions to financial service providers that allow them to incorporate digital currencies into their day-to-day transactions and their existing systems. The company was founded in 2014. It offers state-of-the-art tools, services, and solutions that enhance clients’ IT infrastructure with bitcoin technology. This allows them to conduct bitcoin transactions from anywhere and anytime.

4. Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest company in terms of revenue. It has recently opened bitcoin ATMs where customers can buy cryptocurrency at Coinstar kiosks within its big-box stores. Coinstar is well-known for its ability to allow consumers to exchange their coins for gift cards or paper bills. Coinme, a cryptocurrency wallet, and payment company that specializes in bitcoin ATMs enabled the ability to convert bitcoin into cash.

5 CoinFlip

CoinFlip, one of the largest bitcoin ATM operators in the world, makes it easy to buy and sell BTC using cash, cards, or bank transfers. Its mission is easy, secure, and quick access to the benefits of cryptocurrencies. It believes blockchain technology can be used for all purposes. CoinFlip hopes to bring about a revolution in crypto technology.


DOBI is a top cryptocurrency ATM maker, based upon blockchain technology. It provides hardware and software solutions around the world. It provides guidance for new operators, providing advice and assistance in dealing with AML/KYC. DOBI assures customers that the market remains open and there are still places without crypto ATMs. Therefore, it is important for new operators to choose the right location in order to make profits.

7. Phoenix Crypto

Phoenix Crypto, Arizona’s premier cryptocurrency dealer and operator of crypto ATMs are Phoenix Crypto. With a small group of crypto enthusiasts, the company has seen rapid growth and is expanding. It is a customer-focused company that prides itself in its responsiveness and willingness to offer solutions to any financial crisis.

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8. Moon Zebra

Moon Zebra, a Maltese startup, offers cryptocurrency transactions, exchange, and payment solutions. It was originally founded as Malta’s first cryptocurrency ATM that could be used in two directions. Moon Zebra now offers solutions for virtual assets to complement and enhance existing payment gateways.

9. LocalCoin

LocalCoin’s mission is to make digital currencies easy to buy and sell for its customers while respecting privacy regulations. It has over 500 bitcoin terminals in 8 provinces and is Canada’s largest Bitcoin ATM network. It is known for its innovation in the blockchain infrastructure space.

10. Coinsource

This is another popular cryptocurrency ATMs Companies that make buying and selling BTC with cash quick and easy using the latest technology. It allows customers to set up their Coinsource accounts remotely from anywhere. This reduces waiting time at physical ATMs.

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