Top Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies For Investment

Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies

Web 3.0 will operate using decentralized protocols. These are the foundation blocks for cryptocurrency technology and Blockchain. There will be a growing relationship among these technologies.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a new version of the World Wide Web. Even though the transition to Web 2.0 is not complete, many companies and governments are already moving services to the blockchain networks that Web 3.0 relies on.

Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies that exist on a blockchain. They make it possible for their Blockchain to function. ether is the currency used to fund the Ethereum blockchain and is used to pay for transactions on the blockchain, Whether they are purchases, fees for games, or any other activity — Things a user could do on Web 2.0. This is the difference: users on Web 3.0 don’t need to reveal their identities and don’t have a central authority overseeing them.

Some cryptocurrencies have multiple purposes. Bitcoin is a payment system and a store of value, such as fiat money or gold. Governance tokens are another cryptocurrency that gives network users the ability to vote on any decisions being made by project developers.

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Top 10 Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies

These are some things to consider before you invest in any of the most popular Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies.

1. Helium (HNT)

Helium is a decentralized network that uses blockchain to power the Internet of Things or IoT devices that use the proof-of-coverage algorithm.

Helium allows users to build decentralized wireless infrastructure at any scale. This allows low-power devices, such as smartphones, to communicate with one another and send data over a network of hotspots. Each hotspot covers a specific portion of the network. Hotspots can also be used to mine HNT. Hotspot owners can also operate the network’s nodes, and mine HNT (the Helium network’s native cryptocurrency).

The HNT price is currently $2.12 and its market cap was $285.51 billion on Dec. 11.

2. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is a decentralized network built upon Ethereum that allows the creation of smart contracts based on real-world data, is the first of its kind. It integrates with any blockchain which makes it a popular platform for oracle service.

Chainlink’s native currency has experienced a 4,190% price increase since its 2017 introduction. It also has the advantage of being an early adopter of smart contracts.

Chainlink’s current market price at $6.72 is, with a market capitalization of approximately $3.4 billion as of Dec. 11.

3. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin – A decentralized peer-to-peer storage network where users can rent space on their hard drives to earn the token. Filecoin’s main benefit is its ability to store digital assets such as art or music, behind non-fungible tokens.

Anybody can become a Filecoin storage provider, whether you are an individual or a data center. You only need internet access and sufficient disk space. You can earn more transaction fees and tokens if you have more storage.

The current price of the token is $4.28. It has a market capitalization of approximately $1.44 billion as of Dec. 11.

4. Flux (FLUX)

Flux allows developers to create Web 3.0 apps and then deploy them on multiple networks simultaneously. You can also use Flux to create decentralized applications. Flux is an oracle that uses a decentralized infrastructure to allow users to access data both on-chain and off-chain.

Flux currently trades at $0.5113 and has a market capitalization of $ 145.21 million as of Dec. 11.

5. Theta (THETA)

Theta is a blockchain network that’s decentralized and specifically designed for video streaming. Theta is a peer-to-peer network that aims at facilitating video streaming for users. It has enterprise validator nodes from Google, Samsung, and Sony.

The price at the moment of theta is $0.8404 and its market cap is $837.65 Million as of Dec. 11

6. The Graph (GRT)

The Graph indexing system can be used for organizing blockchain data. Members can filter and query the data. It can be used as both a low-level protocol for blockchain indexing and a high-level cryptographic ledger built on that protocol.

The graph token’s current price is $0.0692. As of Dec. 11, its market cap was $ 477.17 million.

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7. BitTorrent-New (BTT)

BitTorrent has more than 2 billion users and 200M wallets. It is the largest peer-to-peer file-sharing platform. BitTorrent offers torrent client software for Windows, Mac, Android, and Windows. BitTorrent claims to be the “world’s largest distributed network” and offers secure streaming and downloading of torrent products. Users can upgrade to premium memberships for a fee to enjoy perks such as virtual private network capabilities and ad-free surfing, according to CoinMarketCap.

The BitTorrent New Token’s current price is $0.0000006823. It has a market capitalization of $648.12 Million as of Dec. 11.

8. Siacoin (SC)

Sia is a peer-to-peer digital platform that allows users to pay hosts to rent cloud storage space. Each segment of the users’ data is encrypted and uploaded to a different host.

Skynet, Sia’s developer has several Sia-based projects, including content delivery, cloud-based media streaming, and file sharing.

Siacoin’s current price is $0.002571. Its market cap as of December 11th is $135.68 Million.

9. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that delivers content through the Brave Browser. Advertisers can pay for their ads using BAT. Some of the BAT that they pay is given to users as a reward. Advertisers can target their ads to increase their effectiveness, even though the BAT environment protects users’ privacy.

The current price for basic attention tokens is $0.223, with a market capitalization of $ 332.63 million as of Dec. 11.

10. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot allows for the transfer of any asset or data between blockchains. Its service does not limit to tokens. Users can interact with parachains (multiple blockchains) in Polkadot’s native Polkadot network. Polkadot is different from other networks like Ethereum because these parachains can communicate with one another — an essential function for Web 3.0.

Current price of Polkadot: is $5.14. Market cap as of Dec. 11: $5.89 billion.

Final Take — Top Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies

Given the advent of Web 3.0, it is likely that Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies will rise.

Web 3.0 is based on the principles of greater utility and openness, as well as decentralization. The popularity of these concepts is increasing every day. Web 3.0 tokens could become profitable investments. But cryptocurrency remains a highly speculative investment.

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