Which is the Best Investment: Gold or Bitcoin?

Which is the Best Investment Gold or Bitcoin

With so much activity in the investment space right now, potential investors may ponder if it’s better to put money into gold or Bitcoin. After all, both are considered, in some ways, to be a hedge for the economy. Does this mean either is a good investment? Well, it entirely depends on your investment personality and what you’re looking to get out of these assets.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to buy gold online, invest and hold cryptocurrencies, or a mix of the two, this guide will help you decide which is best.

Pros and Cons of Gold

Gold is a physical metal that has been around for centuries. Humans have always admired its beauty and seen value in that. Since ancient times, the metal has remained valuable and, while it’s no longer used as a traditional currency, it’s still a valid investment avenue.

Those who invest in gold are likely to hedge the economy. Some do so to profit, but certainly in the long-term, which we’ll get into later. This is because the metal tends to hold a fairly steady value. It’s not very volatile, unlike many of its contemporaries. Instead, gold is generally fluctuating up and down slowly, making it an excellent investment for the risk-averse.

However, gold can be a pain to acquire. There are multiple ways to access it online or physically metal. Physical bullion must be acquired and generally costs extra in terms of shipping and handling fees. That, and it is expensive to store, requiring a vault or a third-party storage solution. You can’t simply keep it in your home, unguarded.

Certain innovations, like gold-backed stablecoins, are helping to make gold investment more accessible. But these methods are not tried and true. Instead, it’s essential to pay attention to gold’s price history. Try to buy low and sell high, but don’t expect a quick turnaround with this metal.

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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

Many consider Bitcoin to be a digital version of gold. This is because the cryptocurrency holds a lot of value at once and is inflation-resistant, much like gold. While not everyone agrees, that factor is a point toward Bitcoin being used as a hedge.

That said, cryptocurrency is highly volatile. For some investors, that might be a good thing. After all, some want a quick profit, and the ability to buy low and sell high within a day’s time is appealing. For others, however, that risk might be too much. If that’s the case for you, you’ll want to stick with gold.

Note that Bitcoin is relatively easy to acquire, though. You simply log into an exchange and link a payment method to it. From there, you can invest in as little or as much Bitcoin as you’d like. There are no additional fees to store it. The exchange will provide you with a wallet, or you can find a ton of free alternatives at that. Sure, you can buy a hardware wallet for additional protection, but the choice is yours.

Similarities Between the Two

As for similarities between the two, note that both gold and Bitcoin are limited. It’s impossible to simply generate more of either, which is inherent to their value. That said, we know how much Bitcoin there will eventually be. We do not know how much gold is out there.

Also, both have various uses. Bitcoin is used as a currency or sometimes as a storage solution. Gold is the same way, though it’s also used for jewellery and gifts, as well as in some manufacturing solutions.

Both can be easily converted to and from fiat currencies as well, making them reasonably accessible to citizens all around the world.

However, while both are inflation-resistant, they do ebb and flow based on news stories. A positive Bitcoin story can send it shooting high just as soon as a negative one could crash it. While gold movements are a little less significant, the asset price is still affected by the news.

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