3 Ways Social Media Is Feeding Positivity Amidst A Pandemic

3 Ways Social Media Is Feeding Positivity Amidst A Pandemic

The year 2020 was like no other; it’s attracted us disturbance, disturbance, and psychological devastation. The most positive individuals have fought to keep up a sunny attitude. Happily through the use of social networking platforms, we’ve found reasons to grin.

Josh Heller, creator of Heller PR, and Sherri Nourse, creator of Ambition Media, utilize their electronic media experience to discuss three manners interpersonal networking is feeding positivity amid this particular outbreak.

Providing connection

Among the most devastating consequences of the pandemic continues to be societal separation. Families and buddy circles likewise found themselves unable to locate a means to keep their connection through the lockdown.

Through these instances, social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram supplied some positivity in permitting individuals to connect regardless of the space that they confronted.

Heller stocks, “Amidst the pandemic, we watched social networking platforms producing new ways for people to link. Facebook introduced its Watch collectively attribute, which allowed up to eight users to view content ”

“Instagram reside became nearly critical in giving the means to keep real-time relations for individuals, while Instagram Reels additional the fun component to the stage,” says Nourse.

Spreading humor

A motive to laugh has become a rare commodity in this outbreak. We’ve found ourselves bombarded with bad news reports of death tolls and job reductions.

Social media provided a toast by sharing and creating video content that climbed above the prevailing shadow of the everyday news.

“Video sharing program TikTok saw a massive surge in popularity since the pandemic tightened its grip. TikTok battles and funny video snippets supplied a few much-needed levities,” elaborates Heller.

Even though Nourse adds, “Through the pandemic, funny and optimistic videos became a number of the hottest content on YouTube.

Together with John Krasinki’s Web series Few fantastic News’ which collected together very good news stories, getting among those most-watched new YouTube stations in 2020.”

Encouraging new hobbies

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves unexpectedly confined to the inside with a good deal more spare time, and a lot of people have taken solace in learning a new hobby. At the height of this outbreak, people took to societal websites to discuss their own creative endeavors.

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Heller exclaims, “By March this year we watched our Instagram packs fill up with images of banana bread and other baking experiments. There was a true sense of community with each trending hashtag that seemed ”

Nourse says, “How individuals invited each other through social websites to discuss their ingenious quarantine creations was heartwarming.”

It has been a frightening and odd year, but via the use of social networking, we’ve been able to inject a little positivity into our own lives by discovering ways to come together practically and assist one another to observe the bright side.

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