Amazon Launched Amazon Academy App That Help Students in India

Amazon launched Amazon Academy App that help students in India

Amazon on Wednesday established Amazon Academy, a service that will aim to aid pupils in India prepare for entrance to the country’s prestigious engineering schools. The American company is the most recent entrant to this market where dozens of startups and institutes have established digital offerings in the past couple of decades.

The e-commerce giant, that has spent over $6.5 billion from the planet’s second-biggest internet market, stated Amazon Academy provides curated learning material, live lectures, mock tests, and detailed assessments to help pupils learn and practice Math, Physics, and Chemistry and prepare the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE), a government-backed engineering entry examination conducted at India for entrance to different engineering schools in the nation. Approximately two million pupils take JEE test every year.

Tests provided on Amazon Academy have been”made to mimic the JEE expertise helping pupils comprehend the nuances of this exam. Students will also profit in shortcuts, mnemonics, tips, and tips, and equipping them with the essential tools to keep concepts and resolve questions efficiently,” the organization said in a press notice.

Amazon started testing Amazon Academy, formerly called JEE Ready, in India in mid-2019. Amazon Academy, accessible through its website and as a program for Android and iOS, is absolutely free and will stay so for the”next couple weeks,” the firm said.

Over 260 million kids go to college in India and a lot of the populace sees education as a key to economic advancement and a better life. TechCrunch reported that Amazon was looking to employ executives in India to establish Amazon Future Engineer, a program whereby it intends to bring computer engineering instruction to underserved and underrepresented children and young adults, from India this year.

“Amazon Academy intends to deliver high quality, affordable education to all, beginning with people preparing for engineering entrance exams. Our duty is to assist students to achieve their results while also empowering teachers and articles partners to reach countless students.

Our principal focus was on content quality, profound learning analytics, and pupil expertise. This launch will assist technology aspirants to prepare and attain the winning advantage in JEE,” said Amol Gurwara, Director, Education in Amazon India, in an announcement.

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Amazon’s international opponents, Facebook and Google, also have made a push in India’s education market in the past several decades. This past year, Facebook partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), a government body that oversees education in public and private colleges in India, to establish a certified program on digital security and internet well-being, and augmented reality for students and teachers.

Facebook also spent in Unacademy, a Bangalore-based startup that provides online learning courses. Google, which spent in Indian edtech startup Cuemath, also partnered with CBSE to train over 1 million teachers in India and also provide a selection of free tools like G Suite for Education, Google Classroom and YouTube to assist digitize the instruction experience in the country.

India’s best tech startups — Byju’s, Unacademy, and Vedantu — additionally provide students classes to get ready for JEE test. This past year, these startups onboarded thousands of pupils to their programs following the coronavirus outbreak that prompted New Delhi to close down schools all over the country.

Byju’s, which eventually become the world’s most precious ed-tech startup this past year, is in discussions to purchase decades-old Aakash Educational Services Aakash Educational Services, which owns and operates over 200 physical tutoring centers throughout the country targeted at students preparing to be eligible for high engineering and medical schools, for about $ 1 billion, Bloomberg reported that this week.

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