Virtual Worlds Are Not Real but They Define Real-world Economies

Virtual Worlds

Over the past few years, we have begun to see an increasing trend in computer simulations. Whether these are static images being generated or full-blown 3D structures, the advancements can be seen.

This rapid interest in what we are calling “virtual worlds” can be attributed to the rise of technology in the modern day and age. Tech is not the same as it was in the last decade. It has since seen rapid expansion, taking over all corners of the globe and the virtual world is the newest buzzword.

What these advancements have done is created a more realistic and interactive experience for us in multiple sectors. Among these, the first ones that are usually mentioned are in the realm of entertainment, education, and commerce.

It’s already possible to take a college class without leaving your room but in the meantime have a fully immersed experience. Just think how much benefit this will provide to those unable to travel. This is just one of the possible visions we have with virtual worlds, there are so many others.

While virtual worlds are simulated and not real at all, they do have an impact on our tangible real-world economy. One prominent example that stands is the trading of virtual assets. Most cryptocurrencies are used in the virtual world as we will soon see.

How the Whole Casino Industry Changed by Crypto

We’re all aware that the casino industry has long since existed. However, previously there only used to be traditional casinos. These operated primarily on cash and required you to physically visit them in order to play. Additionally, the casinos had to close at night, meaning you could only play for certain hours a day.

This is where cryptocurrency comes in. The introduction of this almost magic-like currency has changed the way we view casinos overall.

mBit online crypto casino is an example of how such platforms operate in the same way as the traditional ones did, with a few key changes. One of the major ones is that they use virtual technology. You no longer need to visit an actual casino to play what you like. Plus, the tech used in casinos has advanced. Now, features like live dealer video streams are available. You can see the whole casino environment in a virtual space.

Crypto works hand-in-hand with online casinos. Players can take advantage of the security and anonymity offered by the decentralized currency and use it to improve their playing experience. Additionally, crypto enables fast, seamless transactions costing you less than if you were to play using another currency. Crypto is also available globally, making these online casinos accessible to many.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

You might already be familiar with VR/AR tech. VR is mostly used for providing the simulated 3D displays and environments we have come to enjoy while AR targets the integration of digital info in the real world.

These technologies have evolved and become mainstream and now are available everywhere from gaming to entertainment and more. If we take entertainment, for example, we can immerse ourselves in virtual worlds through the use of special gear like the Meta Quest.

VR is also sometimes used by car companies to refine their prototypes and can also be used in driving simulators to allow people to practice driving.

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The Metaverse – Virtual Worlds Redefined

Think of the me­taverse like a digital copy of our re­al world. It’s meant to act and feel like­ the real thing, but all online.

It use­s the same blockchain stuff that cryptocurrencies use­. The aim is to create a brand ne­w digital economy. Just like you can buy and own a house or land in re­al life, soon you’ll be able to in the­ metaverse, too. And gue­ss what? There will be jobs and care­ers to follow.

Experts predict that the­ metaverse could boost the­ global economy by around 3%. In dollar terms, that’s nearly 3 trillion in the next ten ye­ars! Tech companies like Face­book and Microsoft are already investing big time­.

Meta Smart Glasses

These smart glasses developed by Meta and Ray-Ban are the next generation of wearable technology. While they have a ton of innovative features like enhanced AI capabilities and live streaming functions, one noteworthy feature to highlight is its augmented reality.

The way this functions is that you wear the glasses and use them like you normally would, except when you view your surroundings, relevant digital information is generated.

Take the example of a supermarket, you walk inside and view the aisles. Side by side, valuable information like prices and nutritional content is being generated next to each item you view. Additionally, features like live text translation make this extremely useful for travelers.

Digital worlds are­ in a continuous state of growth. As our understanding grows and tech advance­s, we’ll grasp the vast potential tie­d to these virtual environme­nts. Acquiring online property or taking a class through these­ digital spaces, such past fantasies will be future­ truth soon enough.

Written by
Zoey Riley

Zoey Riley is editor of The Tech Trend. She is passionate about the potential of the technology trend and focusing her energy on crafting technical experiences that are simple, intuitive, and stunning.  When get free she spend her time in gym, travelling and photography.

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