How To Win PUBG Mobile Library Gun Game – Tips And Tricks

How To Win PUBG Mobile Library Gun Game

Everyone knows and loves to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Some modes are easier while others are tough. One of the tough ones is the Library Gun Game. Many professionals love it because it poses a new level of challenge for them. Everything is different including, the map and weapons.

But for a beginner, this game mode will be difficult to win. The fights are intense, and there are too many threats to overcome. That’s why a beginner will need PUBG Cheats with Aimbot to shorten the learning period. Also, you have to employ the tips and tricks we have below to improve your performance.

So, check them below.

Tips and Trick to Win Library Gun Game

1. Master all available guns

This mode is a gun war that a team will win by recording 18 kills. So, from the start of the game, each team will focus on killing the members of the other team ruthlessly. Luckily, the teams are given the same types of weapons to keep them at the same level.

Some of the available weapons to master include assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, pistols, SMGs, etc. The assault rifles will be great for shooting players on the other side of the bridge or even those in the hallway. Shotguns are better for shooting from corners while snipers are best for shooting those at the bridge.

But without knowing these guns, how will you use them well? Don’t forget, players don’t choose the weapon they use for Gun games. As you kill someone, your gun automatically changes thereby, disorienting you instantly. So, make sure you can play with any weapon that you’re given by studying and understanding them.

2. Fight with the squad

Many players usually focus on themselves without remembering that Gun Game requires cooperation. If you want your team to win, every action you take must complement the efforts of the others. Don’t face fights alone unless it is in agreement. No need to target individual kills since there’s no medal for it. Instead, carry out actions that will benefit your team’s objectives.

3. Assist the best shooter

This is a trick that a smart team can use to win. When it comes to shooting guns, many pro gamers have mastered the art to the highest peak. These skilled gamers rarely miss a shot in any game. If you’re lucky to play with such a person in your team, all other players have to support him to gain the 18 kills. All you need to do is always protect his back, protect his cover to give him the focus to kill more.

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4. Don’t move around alone.

Another thing you shouldn’t do alone is wandering on the map. This action is risky and can expose you to sudden death. It is better to move with the squad all the time so that you can protect one another. Since the game is all about corners and angles, it is right that some team members can guard these places whenever you’re moving about on the map. This is because you might not know that an enemy is hiding behind a particular place waiting to attack you. If no one is watching that particular spot or corner, you’ll likely lose your life.

5. Always strategize your fights.

One of the terrible things you can do on this map is to rush into fights. According to the pro players, it is best to analyze every fight before you face it. If you’re not sure the conditions are favorable, please remain hidden. Try to check the enemy’s position, preparedness, and support before you expose yourself to them. If you aim at an enemy, but you’re sure of the kill don’t waste your ammo. Instead, change your position behind the cover until you get the best spot for the kill. Since the target is 18 kills, every shot you fire should land on someone’s forehead or don’t fire at all.

6. Master the mode’s map

We usually emphasize the importance of mastering your environment for better performance. That’s why you must understand the Library map to identify competitive spots and the available cover to aid your movement. This map is more enclosed than other maps in PUBG hack download. You’ll be fighting in the library filled with bookcases, tables, staircases, secret chutes that bring you back to the main room.

All the intersections, corners, covers are all risky as your enemies can hide behind them to attack. The only good thing is that cover is numerous, and the tall bookcases can serve as a higher ground for you. So, take your time to understand how the setting is to enable your team to strategize better.


Library Gun Game is complicated, and the learning period is steep. That’s why you need all the tips and tricks you can find to simplify the game. Also, if you can find some external tools to make the game easier, consider it too. But make sure you understand the map, master the available weapons, plan and play with your team and strategize your fights.

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