Top 10 Largest & Biggest Game Development Company in World

Top 10 Largest & Biggest Game Development Company in World

Read this in Depth Review of the Best Game Development companies with Pricing & Replies to Pick the Best Game Design Business For Your Prerequisites:

Playing video or mobile games has a lot of advantages like bringing individuals together, enhanced mood, fostering the brain’s energy, etc. It assists in enhancing dexterity, problem-solving abilities, and concentration.

Playing video games can help children with disabilities to acquire more engaged. Within this tutorial, we’ll observe a number of the best Game Development Companies which are trending globally.

List Of The Top Game Development Companies

  1. Tencent
  2. Electronic Arts
  3. Nintendo
  4. Ubisoft
  5. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  6. Activision Blizzard
  7. Epic Games
  8. Microsoft
  9. Square Enix
  10. Bandai Namco

1. Tencent

Tencent, a Chinese internet conglomerate, is the largest video game company in the world. It has a staggering gaming revenue of $18 billion.$13.9 billion. Tencent’s primary focus is on mobile and online mobile games such as its mobile flagship game. The honor of Kings.

Tencent is also a major player in the videogame big screen, thanks to the numerous videogame studios it owns around the globe. Tencent is most famously the owner of Riot Games, an American videogame studio that was created a league of LegendsThe popular multiplayer battle arena game ”, enjoyed by millions of players around the globe, Even professionally.

Gaming Revenue: $13.9 billion
Employees: 85000
Founded in: 1998
Based in: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Main industry: Social Media
The most profitable game sold in 2020: Honor of Kings

2. Electronic Arts (California, US)

Pricing Info: Madden NFL Cost Begins at $39.99. Apex Legends is available to perform at no cost. These are the costs for a couple of matches, and you may check the website for some other games.

EA is a favorite for supplying digital interactive entertainment solutions. It functions on the matches, content & internet services for internet-connected consoles, and mobile devices & individual computers. Over 300 million gamers have been enrolled with EA.

Founded In: 1982
Employees: 5001-10000 employees
Revenue: $5.15 billion
Core Services: Video Games, Mobile Games, Console Games, Development & Publishing.
Popular games by the company: FIFA20, APEX Legends, MADDEN NFL20, etc.

3. Nintendo (Washington, US)

Pricing Info: The cost of the games begins at $0.60.

Originally, when Nintendo was set in 1889, it had been producing handmade hanafuda playing cards. Then it functioned in a variety of ventures such as taxi providers. From the 1970s, it began functioning as a video game company. In 1977, it began producing its own hardware. Nintendo has offices in both Washington and California.

Founded In: 1889
Employees: 1001-5000 employees
Revenue: 1.201 trillion yen
Core Services: Gaming Systems and games.
Popular games by the company: Ultimate Alliance3, Fire Emblem, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield, etc.

4. Ubisoft (Paris, France)

Pricing Info: Rabbids Coding sport is totally free to use. Another match’s prices begin at $0.40

Ubisoft is a video gaming company that has experience in publishing games for many video game franchises. According to the market size and earnings, it’s the fourth-largest business in the united states and Europe. Ubisoft has 40 development studios.

Founded In: 1986
Employees: More than 10000.
Revenue: 1.7 Billion Euro
Core Services: Video Games design, Development, Production & Marketing, Online Programming,
Popular games by the company: Gods & Monsters, Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, For Honor, Tom Clancy’s The Division2, etc.

5. Sony Interactive Entertainment (Tokyo, Japan)

Pricing Info: Cloud gambling subscription cost begins at $9.99.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. was initially Sony Computer Entertainment. Its prime goal was tackling Video game development for the PlayStation. It functions on Research and development, manufacturing, and sales of hardware in addition to software for the PlayStation gaming platform.

It performs research, development, and also selling of PlayStation hardware, applications, content, and media solutions.

Founded In: 1993
Employees: 5001-10000
Revenue: For Gaming and Network Services it is $20.84 billion
Core Services: Online Games, PC Games, PS3 Games, Gaming systems like PlayStation, Game Development, etc.
Popular games by the company: Spider-Man, The Last of Us, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

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6. Activision Blizzard (California, US)

Pricing Info: Candy Crush Can Be Obtained for free to Perform. The OverWatch cost begins at $19.99. You may check their site to get the pricing of their other matches.

This standalone interactive entertainment company has attained an amusement system of nearly 500 million monthly active users. It servers professional services to customers in 196 nations. It’s but one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for.

Five working components of Activision Blizzard are Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, King Digital Entertainment, Major League Gaming, and Activision Blizzard Studios.

Founded In: 2008
Employees: More than 9000 employees.
Revenue: $7.5 billion
Core Services: Developing, distributing, & publishing interactive entertainment for gaming consoles, mobile, and tablets, and PCs. Develops games for mobiles.
Popular games by the company: Candy Crush Saga, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc.

7. Epic Games (NC, US)

Pricing Info: Epic Games provide a free game set. Fortnite is readily available for free to perform with. 3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset package is available for $39.99, Physical Water is available for $49.99.

Epic Games was formerly Called Potomac Computer Systems. From 1992 to 1999 it had been called Epic MegaGames, Inc.. It develops applications, video games, video games, along with the Unreal engine. Epic Games’ internally developed video games are powered by this commercially available engine.

Founded In: 1991
Employees: 201-500 employees.
Revenue: $1 billion
Core Services: Development of software, video games, and the Unreal Engine.
Popular games by the company: Fortnite Chapter2, BorderLands3, ZombieArmy, etc.

8. Microsoft

the largest software company in the world is also the fourth-largest videogame company in the world. Microsoft generated approximately$11.6 billion Xbox Game Studios is the gaming division of Microsoft. Gaming revenue was generated primarily by Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X/S sales, but Microsoft also develops or owns studios that make video games.

Mojang is a good example. Mojang, a Swedish videogame studio that is owned by Microsoft is well-known for its ability to create innovative games. Minecraft has recently been renamed theMost popular video game ever made.

Gaming Revenue: $11.6 billion
Founded in: 1975
Based in: Redmond, Washington, USA
Main industry: Software
Most profitable game sold in 2020: Xbox Series X/S (video game console)

9. Square Enix (California, US)

Pricing Info: Games from Square Enix will Probably Be in the Selection of $7.99 to $59.99.

Square Enix Co. Ltd. was formed as a result of this mix of Enix Corporation and SquareSoft. Square Enix is your supplier of favorite games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It’s sold over 10 million copies for lots of the games.

Founded In: 1975
Employees: 1000-5000
Revenue: 256.8 Billion JPY.
Core Services: Video Game Developing, Publishing, and Distribution.
Popular games by the company: Final Fantasy, Marvel Avengers, Builders 2, etc.

10. Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s core video game studio is Bandai Namco Studios. Established in April 2012, Bandai Namco Studios develops video games for handheld systems, home consoles, and arcade hardware. Bandai Namco Entertainment manages the marketing, publishing, and management of these products. Bandai Namco Studios has two development studios in Canada, Singapore that produce music and videos based upon its properties.

Bandai Namco Online, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Studios, is responsible for Bandai Namco Studios’ online games and also develops games that are primarily online. B.B. Studio was created in April 2011 by a merger between Banpresto Entertainment Company (BEC) and Bandai Entertainment Company. It is responsible for the development of the Super Robot Wars franchise, and other games based on Japanese licensing.

Gaming Revenue: $2.2 billion
Employees: 700-800
Founded in: 2005
(by the merger of Bandai & Namco)
Based in: Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Main industry: Toys
The most profitable game sold in 2020: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


A fantastic game development company is one that delivers a high-quality service in a timely way. Price is another important variable at the same time you opt for the corporation. Here within this short article, we’ve compared the top ten largest gaming Companies.

Zero Games Studio, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Sony Interactive Entertainment are our recommended providers as leading game developers or mobile game development Companies.

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