Selecting A District for Purchasing An Apartment in Antalya

Selecting A District for Purchasing An Apartment in Antalya

Real estate investors often ask a recurring question: What is the cost of flats in Antalya, Turkey? Is investing in real estate beneficial?

Are Antalya property prices suitable for owning and investing?

Antalya, found on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by stunning nature and climatic variety due to the seaside landscape and mountain heights at the ends of the Taurus Mountains. Therefore, Antalya has become an appealing tourist destination for investment in tourism of all types, in addition to real estate of all types, resorts, and retail complexes, in addition to hotels, villas, and flats furnished for investment in the tourist seasons.

Like other Turkish cities, regions vary in the significance of:

  • location;
  • services;
  • tourist features;
  • views;
  • closeness to the city center;
  • most significant tourist attractions;
  • the property’s characteristics.

Normally, property costs vary depending on these characteristics. But generally, the real estate investment in Antalya’s tourist spots will not lose if the requirements for proper investment are met.

Choosing an area for buying an apartment in Antalya from a developer

Antalya is one of the most attractive corners of the world, where many of our fellow citizens seek to purchase real estate. At the same time, each of us prefers to purchase apartments in Turkey in the primary market since there are plenty of opportunities for this. After all, despite the huge popularity, the development of Antalya continues, and our agency will offer you a huge number of apartments in Antalya in installments or on credit.

But before buying real estate, you should at least decide where you would like to buy an apartment in Antalya from a developer. Currently, the largest real estate is presented in Lara, Konyalti, and Kundu. Also, you should not immediately dismiss the options for buying real estate in the suburban cities of Antalya. After all, the cost of real estate here is somewhat lower, and its quality can be even higher. At the same time, suburban cities like Belek or Kemer can offer peace and less crowded beaches.

Districts of Antalya

Apartments in Antalya in installments. The eastern district of Antalya is Lara. It is located on some hill from the sea and stretches to the Lower DĂĽden waterfall. Real estate in this area is characterized by a fairly high number of stories and building density. At the same time, it is in the Lara area where sandy beaches with golden sand are located. True, due to the area’s location on a hill, you will have to take a bus from some micro districts to get to the beach.

If you want to buy a VIP apartment in Antalya from a developer, then you are in the Kundu area. This area began to form quite recently, but due to the high quality of construction and real estate location, this area was given VIP status. And this is not surprising because, despite some distance from the city, the area is located almost in a coniferous forest. At the same time, the beaches here have retained their untouched, wild beauty.

The western region of Antalya is Konyalti. This area is now the most in demand. After all, you can buy luxurious real estate on the seashore and cheap apartments in Antalya. True, cheap apartments are located near the mountains, far enough from the sea, but the beautiful views from the window to the mountain range more than compensate for this shortcoming. The beaches in Konyalti are mostly pebbly. Only in some places, you can find mixed areas. The building height rarely exceeds 5 floors, and many parks and entertainment areas create the proper atmosphere for relaxation.

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Suburb of Antalya

Apartments in Antalya from the developer. It was not for nothing that we talked about the suburban cities of Antalya. The cost of housing here is somewhat lower, and the conditions are no worse and, in some aspects, even better. Such cities as Belek from the east of Antalya and Kemer from the west are ready to provide many apartments in Antalya in installments or on credit. These cities are located in coniferous forests and are quite green due to the low building density. In addition, the beaches of these cities are much less crowded, and their cleanliness is in no way inferior and sometimes surpasses the beaches of Antalya. No wonder many of them are marked with the Blue Flag sign.

Cheap apartments in Antalya in suburban cities will allow you to enjoy your vacation away from a big city while enjoying all the benefits of civilization. After all, for example, Belek is located closer to Antalya airport than the resort town itself.

Assistance with buying property in Turkey

You will find more prices for flats in Antalya and other regions and cities of Turkey on the Turk.Estate website. If necessary, managers will help you select an object according to the cost and personal choices.

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