How to Leverage Technology for College

Technology for College

Going to college is an important step in not only many people’s lives, but also their careers. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or you’re going back after many years away as a nontrad, there are countless ways to use technology for college that weren’t there 20 years ago. While you might need to use technology to help you get in, to help you succeed, or to help you find jobs after you are done, here are the best ways to use today’s technology to help you along the way.

Research Individual Schools Before You Apply

The internet is a great place to research potential colleges and universities. You’ll want to look for places that have the program you want, that have financial aid packages, and that have the lifestyle you want. Whether you’re looking for the full on-campus experience, or you need something to fit in your career or family life already, take your time to find the best fit. More and more universities offer programs and classes for working adults.

Go on a Virtual Tour

VR and AR technology make touring campuses from home a breeze. Instead of spending thousands just to get on campus, you can at least narrow down your favorites with virtual tours. This can help you get a feel for the campus and the surrounding area, especially if you’ll be moving there to attend classes. Many big universities use this emerging technology to help potential students get a feel for what it’s like in the classrooms, the dorms, and the cafeteria. All these things can help people decide on colleges that feel right and have the programs they are most interested in.

Prepare for Tests

Test prep is stressful. Whether you’re just taking the SAT, or you need the GRE or an LSAT, you need to take time to prepare. The good news is that technology makes this process much simpler. In previous years, you’d need to sign up for classes and attend them in person. Nowadays, you can learn all about the LSAT and take an LSAT practice test online to help you feel confident when you go in for the real thing. Technology means that these practice tests and courses can be done from anywhere you are, and at any time that is convenient for you.

Get a Notes App

One of the coolest things about technology and college is that you no longer need stacks and stacks of notebooks to fill up with notes. Instead, you can use your tablet, computer, or even your phone to capture key ideas and critical information from class. Even better, you can take a photo of notes to save and refer to later. Notes apps are great for undergraduate and graduate level students and beyond. You can even create categories and sort your notes by course or topic.

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Take Online Classes

Have you been thinking about taking classes, but you also need to work full-time, too? Online classes have made this a possibility. You no longer need to show up in person. Instead, you can take classes from the comfort of home. Complete coursework by the deadline, participate in engaging online conversations about the class, and so much more. Online class portals make it easy to learn and complete course requirements toward your degree or certificate program.

Smartphone Apps

Want to record your lecture to listen to later? Think you missed something important? Smartphone apps are a powerful way to go back and help you better learn and understand content from your classes. With the right app you can record the lecture, add notes at certain points, and even share clips with a friend. These apps make it easier to help you learn course material so you can succeed in college.

Job Hunting

Getting close to finished and want to start looking for the perfect job? Technology has made it easier than ever to start your career. Use your social media profiles like LinkedIn to connect with headhunters and hiring managers and leverage search engines to find companies you want to work for and more. Technology makes all this possible. You can also use tech to create resumes that’ll stand out in the sea of applicants. Reach out to former coworkers, bosses, and professors to get solid references for jobs, as well.

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