Top 15 Best YouTube Channel for Learning Data Science

Top 15 Best YouTube Channel for Learning Data Science

Videos are a wonderful learning tool, and there’s an awful lot of data science stuff on YouTube simply waiting to be swallowed. Discovery of excellent content on the stage can be tough, however, and we are inclined to cherish the discovery of these excellent channels once we encounter them.

I am not telling you anything that you do not understand, but I am here to (hopefully) help relieve some of this trouble of locating quality data science video articles on YouTube. The idea here is to take a qualitative method of identifying those channels of worth on the stage. Our strategy was, to begin with, the instinct that quality material must result in a channel becoming popular, which might be quantified in the number of readers.

Regrettably, it is not so simple to search out channels by a number of readers, and because there is no definitive list on which channels are or aren’t “data science” within their articles, we needed to rely on keyword searching. Our process for determining which channels ended up on our list follows below, starting with our YouTube search criteria:

  • Search term: “data science”
  • Search type: channel
  • Sort by: opinion count

All these are the outcomes obtained from this particular search. A significant caveat of the procedure, it ought to be said, is that we have to rely on our keyword search to identify pertinent data content material.

After doing the aforementioned research, we followed the following steps so as to end up with a list of channels with the Maximum number of readers:

  • We scraped the best 100 channel outcomes
  • we excluded any channels which didn’t possess subscriber numbers publicly accessible
  • we re-sorted the listing by the Number of readers

What we’re left with is a listing of the best 15 YouTube channels with data science articles by contributors, according to our keyword search phrase. The listing was cut 15 since the entrants became interesting past that brink, and we’re cautious of inundating our subscribers with excess hours of movie to experience.

We also then gathered the number of complete views by channel in addition to the number of views per subscriber and utilized all of the data to make the below visualization to assist quickly communicate a narrative of these 15 channels.

And so here are the best 15 YouTube channels for data science by a number of readers, in sequence, with brief descriptions straight in the channels themselves.


Subscribers: 2,440 K, Videos: 4012, Views: 197 M, Start date: Jun 29, 2012

We’re alive & interactive e-learning system together with the assignment of making learning available to everybody. We provide instructor-led classes, together with 24/7 on-demand service to reach the highest class completion rates in the business! Our real-life jobs, 24*7 Service, Personal Learning Managers make sure your learning goals are satisfied!

2.Joma Tech

Subscribers: 889 K, Videos: 83, Views: 55 M, Start date: Aug 31, 2016

I discuss life in Silicon Valley, large tech businesses, data science and software technology.


Subscribers: 883 K, Videos: 2468, Views: 63 M, Start date: Oct 29, 2009

Simplilearn is the world’s #1 online Bootcamp dedicated to helping individuals acquire the skills they will need to flourish in the digital market.

4.StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Subscribers: 434 K, Videos: 192, Views: 21 M, Start date: May 23, 2011

Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data Science can sometimes look like quite frightening issues, but since every technique is actually only a mixture of small and easy measures, they’re in fact quite straightforward. My aim with StatQuest would be to divide the significant approaches into easy to comprehend pieces. Nevertheless, I really don’t slow down the material. Rather, I develop your understanding so you are brighter.

5.Great Learning

Subscribers: 330 K, Videos: 1129, Views: 37 M, Start date: Apr 3, 2013

Fantastic Learning intends to make quality education available to anybody who wishes to learn. Fantastic Learning Academy (http://greatlearning.in/academy), our dedication to helping free learning, provides 200+ entirely free classes in the many in-demand job domain names. Besides videos, you may make certificates of completion, perform assignments and jobs, attend live sessions and interact with leading school & business specialists. All free of charge.

6.Krish Naik

Subscribers: 321 K, Videos: 895, Views: 21 M, Start date: Feb 10, 2012

That is my YouTube channel where I clarify various subjects on machine learning, deep learning, and AI that have many real-world issue situations. I’ve delivered over 30 tech discussions on data science, machine learning, and AI at different meet-ups, technical associations, and community-arranged forums. My principal intent is to make everybody comfortable with ML and AI. Please join and encourage the channel. Since I love new technologies, these videos are all free, and that I promise to create more interesting articles as we proceed.

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7.Data School

Subscribers: 165 K, Videos: 100, Views: 8.1 M, Start date: Apr 30, 2014

Are you attempting to find out data science so you can get your very first data science occupation? You are probably confused about what you are “supposed” to find out, then you have the toughest time actually discovering courses you’ll be able to understand! Data School centers you about the subjects you want to learn and provides comprehensive tutorials which you may know no matter your educational history.

8.365 Data Science

Subscribers: 161 K, Videos: 188, Views: 5.9 M, Start date: Aug 7, 2017

In 365 data science, most of us come to work each day since we would like to fix the largest problem in science. Education.

9.Ken Jee

Subscribers: 123 K, Videos: 178, Views: 3.3 M, Start date: Feb 28, 2014

My name is Ken Jee and I have been working in the data science discipline doing sports analytics for the previous five decades. I’ve held data science positions in firms that range from startups to luck 100 organizations. I transitioned into info science from a company and consulting foundation. When I was starting out in my data science travel I had been extremely dropped; there were hardly any tools for me to find out about this discipline from. I opted to begin creating YouTube videos to discuss my adventures and also to help others get split into the data science and sports analytics areas.

10.Data Science Dojo

Subscribers: 67.1 K, Videos: 246, Views: 3.6 M, Start date: Aug 6, 2014

At Data Science Dojowe thinks data science is right for everybody. Our in-house data science bootcamp was attended by over 4,000+ professionals out of over 1,500+ firms internationally. Our channel is the best showcase of our dedication to teaching data science for all ability levels! You’ll find tutorials, community discussions, and classes on data science and information technology.

11.Art of Visualization

Subscribers: 54.7 K, Videos: 252, Views: 3.5 M, Start date: Aug 15, 2016

Welcome to the ArtofVisualization channel, home of the best Tableau and BI tutorials! We pride ourselves in constantly sharing with one of the latest and cutting edge content on producing Tableau visualizations, dashboards, and a lot of tips and secrets to boost your information visualization abilities!

12.IBM Data and AI

Subscribers: 43.2 K, Videos: 229, Views: 0.6 M, Start date: Jul 18, 2011

Included in a Cognitive plan, organizations can transform their business and careers with information. IBM Analytics empowers anybody to interact with information to answer the toughest business questions, find patterns and pursue breakthrough thoughts. In IBM, we provide a holistic solution to information analytics, including the experience to provide immediate business value at the time of effect. Here you can find presentations, demos, interviews, technical tutorials, and much more.

13.Data Science Tutorials

Subscribers: 25.9 K, Videos: 659, Views: 2.5 M, Start date: Nov 1, 2015

In this channel, my purpose is to undergo R because of the programming and statistical evaluation technique. R is a favorite programming language for both statisticians and researchers due to its simple-to-follow programming syntax and thickness of the investigation packages out there.

14.Andreas Kretz

Subscribers: 19.8 K, Videos: 306, Views: 0.5 M, Start date: Apr 18, 2017

I assist you get into information technology, the pipes of data science. Building up large information systems. House of this Plumbers of Data Science Podcast Figuring out how to ingest, store and process information to permit the Information Scientist to perform amazing things for clients. That is what information technology, the pipes of data science is about. An Wonderful job I’m doing for nearly eight Decades now:)

15.Data Science Academy

Subscribers: 19.0 K, Videos: 77, Views: 0.5 M, Start date: Feb 26, 2016

Here is the official YouTube channel of Data Science Academy Brasil:

These are the best 15 YouTube channels for data science by a number of readers, together with some extra data that will assist you to determine whether these channels might have video articles that might be of interest for you. Fantastic luck with your seeing!

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