How to Save Money on Utilities in an Apartment

utilities in an apartment

The cost of utilities is often a significant part of our monthly expenses. We cannot reduce tariffs, but it is pretty realistic to decrease the amount of charges. Our recommendations will help you enjoy all the benefits of civilization in full and pay much less. And with help budget calculator it will be done even faster.

Install a multi-tariff electricity meter in the house

These devices allow you to vary your electricity bill depending on the time of day. Energy is usually cheaper at night. You can save a lot of money if you run the washing machine and dishwasher after the night tariff starts.

Check the heat insulation

Plastic double-glazed windows are more reliable, but the sealing rubbers become softer over time, and the mechanisms start malfunctioning. Check if your windows are not blowing; check the thermal insulation of the front door. If it is necessary, seal the gaps with unique materials.

Regulate the room temperature

Use heaters only when you and your family are at home. Adjust them so you are comfortable in the room and do not overheat them. A thermostat with a timer is the most convenient way to regulate the temperature.

Use LED bulbs

Although more expensive, LED bulbs use 8-10 times less energy than conventional bulbs. Also, get into the habit of switching off lights when you leave your room or home.

Check the energy efficiency of your home electrical appliances

The higher the efficiency class (A++, A+, A+, A), the less energy the appliance consumes per hour. If your refrigerator, washing machine, or oven is labeled below C, consider replacing it. It will require an investment, but it will pay for itself quickly.

Open the water only when you need it

Close the tap when brushing your teeth, shaving, shampooing your hair, or applying detergent to dishes. A dripping tap or a leaky toilet cistern means not only the water that running down the pipe but also your money. Fix any plumbing problems yourself or with the help of a plumber. It is also recommended to use aerators – special nozzles on taps that reduce water consumption by 2-3 times.

Use dishes made of materials that heat up quickly

Ceramic, glass, and copper cookware heats faster than cast iron and steel. It is how the laws of physics work. The quicker the pan heats up, the less energy is used. It is how the laws of the economy work. Use cookware of the appropriate volume. You do not need to heat water in a three-liter container to boil your child’s porridge for breakfast.

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Pour exactly as much water into the kettle as you need now

An electric kettle consumes a lot of energy. It takes about five minutes to boil a whole two-liter kettle. In addition, heating a cup of water takes no more than a minute, which means you will save a few tens of watts, which in terms of monthly figures is quite significant: 15-20 kWh. The limescale-free kettle also boils faster.

Wash on lower power settings

Heating water to 60 °C requires four times as much electricity as heating it to 30 °C. Nevertheless, you do not always need hot water; sometimes 40 degrees is enough. Remember this the next time you do the washing. You can also save money by spinning at lower speeds (600 or 800 instead of 1200).

Keep a record of your utility bills

Always check the figures in the receipt against the meter readings and current tariffs. Always ask management and energy supply companies for a recalculation, including when you were absent from your flat and did not use light, gas, or water. Use a budget calculator, which always reminds you of the scheduled payment. Pay for utilities without commissions. Apply all these recommendations, and the savings will become tangible.

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