Top 7 IoT Security Threats to Prioritize in 2021


The Internet of things global market has carved a niche at $500+ billion revenue industry lately. IoT app development technology is going to step ahead of our collective imaginations. With the upcoming rise in IoT devices and their popularity, there will certainly be some IoT security challenges.

In October 2016, with a hacker identifying IoT security threats, it was found that more than 300,000 video recorders enabled with IoT started attacking multiple social network platforms. This brought down Twitter for 2+ hours.

This was just a sneak peek of how IoT solutions and devices with poor security can harm our identities.

The concern isn’t just about video cameras, but everything connected with the Internet, say smart locks, refrigerators, lightbulbs, thermostats, smart toys, and even our vehicles.

Are the devices safe anymore while interconnected?

Here are specific IoT app development security challenges that should be prioritized by every company involved in its application:

Not just computers, there are other electronic gadgets connected with the Internet that require the least possible or no human intervention. For instance, 4-wheeler informing mechanics about the depriving oil levels.

Top IoT security threats that need immediate attention:

It is the lack of compliance on the part of manufacturing companies and enabling IoT solutions that lead the user to one of the most damaging the Mirai malware and other security threats. The entire IoT environment is vulnerable, and here are the top 7 security threats that every company should overcome:

1. Easy-to-guess and Weak Password protection

The October 2016 incident had an attack on Dyn, one of the prominent service providers. This involved use of the Mirai botnet of IoT security cameras, routers, set-top boxes, and other similar devices. The leverage was taken of weak credentials and passwords. This led to a massive Internet outage costing the loss of millions of dollars. This was a wake-up call for companies to realize that IoT should be enabled with both security IoT solutions and functionality as its key features.

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2. Exposed and Insecure Network Services

There are many IoT devices with unneeded network services running, which becomes a common security issue. This allows malicious users to get the device access easily. Therefore, it is best to avoid the open ports to waive off the possibility of the smallest attack surface.

The protocols such as HTTP servers, telnet, and more have different vulnerabilities, putting the device at risk. Here, one of the IoT solutions is to use a port scan that reveals open ports.

3. Insecure Interfaces

Once you have secured the IoT device, it is half the battle won. Having a secured IoT solution involves extending beyond its communications. The APIs, web apps and mobile apps make the connected device accessible and allow users to interact with it.

Working on a secured interface ecosystem that is frequently tested and addresses any issues found within the Device Cloud is one of the best IoT solutions. This involves the use of strong access controls, i.e., role-based access and two-factor authentication procedures.

4. Lack of Mechanism for Secured Updates

One of the key benefits of using connected devices is their ease of updating wirelessly. You require reliable and right functionality to implement an update in its place. Having IoT app development to iterate IoT solutions on a secured mechanism improves user experience in unimaginable ways. The ability to update securely opens the possibilities of squashing bugs and introducing newer features. Make sure the trade-off is done securely over encrypted communication protocols and channels while leaving none of the connected devices unresponsive.

5. Invalid and Insufficient Privacy Protection

Remember, every bit of personal information uploaded and use in IoT app development is more than just data. In case of intentionally or unintentionally mishandling, it may leave a huge impact on the lives of its users. There’s a huge load of data on the networks connecting IoT devices about the people using them. Make sure you get IoT solutions from a reputable IoT app development company to ensure the information stays in the systems with a validated privacy program in place.

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6. Poor Device Management

It isn’t easy to secure devices that you don’t know you have! That is why Device management is often an overlooked security aspect. There are many devices placed on IoT networks in an unmanaged manner. One of the leading IoT solutions provider companies suggests having a Cloud console taking care of this issue. It acts as a command center for devices, where you can see all the connected IoT assets in one single place, with no surprise discoveries. This requires the maintenance of an authenticated and secured connection that allows you the confidence to issue device commands easily.

7. Untrustworthy Communication

Since the Mirai attack, the entire world realized that connected IoT devices could be a potential ally for a bigger issue. This attack was just the beginning, and security is still a huge concern today. Among all the possible risks and security challenges, there are many more to rise in the upcoming years. With multiple variations of IoT devices, there are going to be complex security problems certainly. The universal IoT standards are being established to ensure security in industries, cities, nuclear plants, companies, and everywhere involving the use of IoT devices.

Now is the Time to take Action!

Now that you had a rundown of the top 7 IoT security threats and vulnerabilities, this is the time to mitigate all the listed ones here with a reliable IoT solutions provider. Remember, security is a journey and not a particular destination. When it comes to ensuring IoT security, it’s suggested to involve IoT solutions implementations to make things better.

Make sure your firm stays updated with the top and newly emerging security issues along with its possible solutions. There are endless resources available online that are benchmarking newer standards of performances everywhere. Now is the time to hire one of the trusted partners, Seasia Infotech, and let their IoT app development and IoT solutions teams handle everything on your behalf.

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