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Android smart phone is a complete-featured cell phone. Some default home attributes such as Content:// and other bloat ware characteristics continue to be fairly disappointing to view Android telephones as completely optimized. But, there are a number of tweaks whereby you may alter the default program settings depending on your requirement.

There are lots of methods to personalize the Android browser, such as installing new browser or browsers motif. On the other hand, using any third party internet browser might lead to safety concerns. To overcome this issue and customize default browser articles:// syntax is employed.

Content:// Establish a webpage on Browser

The “content://” is a syntax (or a link) that is used to customize default browser homepage. When customers buy a new smartphone, it comes with a pre-installed browser with a default page. If anyone doesn’t like their web browser’s default set homepage, they can change it accordingly.

The articles:// link works on almost any browser that has defined as a default browser in preferences. If you employ this website on a non-default browser, then it is going to show a mistake”ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND” document not found, or the document has transferred or deleted. Sometimes, in addition, it shows an error message of 404 Not Found. So, the way to place the internet browser to use this syntax with no mistake

Notice: Before assessing your own Android browser homepage with”articles:// /”, put it first as your device’s default web browser.

Before assessing our Android browser homepage using the link”articles:// / “, then we must decide on a browser for a default internet browser. To place up the browser as a default browser, then follow the below steps:

  •  Launch the Android device Settings app.
  • Scroll down and look for the App management (Apps section).
  • Tap on the App management (Manage apps) and look for the Default app settings.
  • Click on the Default app settings to see the list of default apps on your smartphone.
  • You will see the Browser option on this list.
  •  Click on the Browser option and select an installed web browser (preferred Google Chrome) as the default browser.
  • Now, your default web browser is set, exit from settings.

You successfully place among your browsers as an default web browser within an Android apparatus. Now, begin customizing the default browser depending on your need. This question arises, from where we ought to begin customizing internet browsers. As soon as we launch an internet browser, then it automatically opens the homepage, and it’s the perfect condition to personalize.

Customize your default web browser using “content://”

The widely used steps to customize the default web browser that works on most of the devices irrespective of their brand and models are given below.

  • Launch your internet browser, that you place as a default browser.
  • The menu icon looks as three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Now, scroll down and locate the Preferences option, click it.
  • Search for the Android Browser Preferences alternative where you can find General
  • On the General preferences page, click “Set Homepage”.
  • Clicking the Set Homepage prompts a window to input an URL.
  • Enter the URL address that you need to place as a default homepage.

You’re done with your preferences and ready to appreciate your personalize homepage over the default internet browser.

If the above steps do not work for your browser, then you can opt for an alternate method to set up the default homepage.

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Alternative steps for setting the default homepage

  • Open your default browser and then see the page, which you need to install as your webpage.
  • You may find”Save the webpage URL bookmarks”. If You’re utilizing Google Chrome, press on the Star
  • Once More, press on the menu and Pick the Bookmarks
  • Sometimes, you can do this by visiting the Background
  • Long-press the Web Site link from history or bookmark
  • A brand new menu prompts out comprising a substitute for”Set as Homepage”, click it.

We ought to keep in mind that our default menu syncs every browsing information, such as our mails and information from social networking platforms. We ought to select a default browser which simplifies our information and provide privacy against third party accessibility.

On the other hand, the Android apparatus does not make you set the default browser (if you’ve got multiple browsers on your own device) to get internet pages. Other than this, people really like to use web browsers as a default browser in their own Android apparatus.

When we’ve got multiple internet browsers installed on the Android apparatus, our apparatus always asks to pick a default internet browser to finish a job.

After we set among the plugins as default if, after some timewe understand the error and would like to pick out a different browser to start a URL. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Establish the Settings program on a Android apparatus.
  • Scroll down and locate”Programs and Notifications”, click it.
  • Harness”Default programs settings” and locate”Browser”.
  • Now choose the internet browser where you would like to start the URL by default.

How to remove “content://”

As we all know, the”articles://” is the homepage of the default browser on Android. In case the homepage of this default web browser appears worse because of a lousy user interface. User may able to eliminate”articles://” homepage

  • Launch the default browser.
  • Proceed into General and then click on the homepage.
  • Enter the URL that you would like to save as your default site.
  • Click the Save button.
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