5 Best Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

South Africa is now emerging as the biggest cloud network and other web service choice for the biggest tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon as the report says. Johannesburg has seen the high-level meeting of two tech giants in 2020 in the same month. It is going to be a very worthy deal for startupers to set up the tech startup of dedicated servers in Johannesburg, a wonderful world-class city in the African continent. 

Follow an excellent opportunity to get started with dedicated servers in Johannesburg, that are capable of handling large traffics and precise stages of uptime. Any business firm requires high security and complete independence to control the best top-line speed as an unshared network server. Hence dedicated servers should be your first priority. 

With the dedicated server Johannesburg that is mostly preferred by the businessmen due to having an eCommerce and online advertising facility, hence it needs dedicated servers that have amazing features like security, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and consistency in services of quick technical support. Everyone should know How a dedicated server in Johannesburg can be very effective for your online business model. 

Unique 5 features of Dedicated Server 

Dedicated servers provide ample resources and remarkable controls. As such servers offer useful attributes so clients in the majority go for the fully managed dedicated hosting server. Dedicated servers provide excellent uptime with assignments with proper monitoring. With such servers, organizations can accomplish productive tasks with many development projects. The top five features that a dedicated server offers are mentioned below:

#1 Security

The dedicated hosting’s top attractive attribute is Security. Such hosting is good for all the mission-critical websites as unparalleled security is guaranteed here. In dedicated hosting, the users have the freewill to install the firewalls or the anti-malware programs. Unlimited administrative access for application installation is enabled by the dedicated servers.  

Security patching with seamless protection is offered by the dedicated servers. Also, such servers prevent unauthorized intrusion. The dedicated server Johannesburg offers much security to its users. The cheap dedicated server Johannesburg takes proper control of the security threats to the system. The data integrity is well managed in the case of the dedicated servers. Every dedicated server comes up with the software RAID with no additional charge. 

With the RAID feature, the redundancy will be added for preventing downtime or data loss in case of the entire drive failure. An affordable backup storage option is being provided by the dedicated servers. For maintaining good data integrity the FTP backup storage is RAID6 protected as well as monitored too. Dedicated Server in Johannesburg takes super caution and care regarding any security threats coming to the system and works accordingly.

#2 Scalability

It is the ultimate dream of every company to grow bigger in terms of no of visitors, revenue, and customer base. One desires a resource-rich website to cope with traffic growth and frequent spikes because of seasonal factors and marketing campaigns. All such things can be achieved by opting for the dedicated server hosting plan. With the dedicated server, the website is completely assured of bandwidth support. The dedicated server Johannesburg provides much scalability to its users.

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#3 Reliability

The web dedicated hosting plans offer much reliability. The fully managed dedicated server offers excellent online availability with enterprise-grade management. The websites with the sound hosting support of the dedicated servers surely offer greater reliability as compared with the shared or the VPS hosting type. The dedicated server Johannesburg provides much reliability to its users. 

The dedicated server makes use of the resources so aptly that everything is utilized so well in the process. The bandwidth, power, speed, storage, and everything are balanced appropriately through the dedicated servers.

#4 Flexibility

The dedicated servers offer nice levels of operational flexibility when compared with the other hosting plans. In the case of a shared hosting ecosystem, the server operations are supported by the installment of specific applications.No resource sharing happens with the case of the dedicated servers. One has unlimited flexibility to use the entire resources as per the requirements. Also, one can install and run the applications on their own. 

The dedicated server users are having the free choice to install Windows or Linux as the operating system according to their own specific choice. With the dedicated server, there will be an elevated website performance without the latency factor. The user experience can get impacted by the other critical issues. Dedicated servers offer a wide amount of resources which leads to an enhanced and seamless website performance even in case of traffic spikes. The dedicated server Johannesburg offers much flexibility.

#5 Tasks

With the dedicated servers, all sensitive operations are executed without hassles. Dedicated servers help to install and configure important software programs. Focus on any specific task can be programmed through a dedicated server. In the business process in such cases, one needs not worry regarding the downtime. The dedicated servers have low maintenance costs when compared with the Virtual private or shared hosting server. 

Dedicated servers offer flawless performance even during the time of maintenance activities. To have seamless business activities the dedicated hosting offers useful services like anti-spam filters, unique IP address and caching software, etc. The dedicated server Johannesburg provides better tasks to perform. All the tasks are taken care of properly and managed appropriately in the case of the dedicated server Johannesburg web hosting.


We have seen through the article about the five best features of a dedicated hosting server and they are – Security, Scalability, Reliability, Flexibility, and Tasks. All such measures help the users and compel them to opt for the dedicated servers. The dedicated server Johannesburg is in growing demand these days. The cheap dedicated Server in Johannesburg is becoming popular due to its low cost in the market. 

People are now realizing the value of the dedicated server Johannesburg and so they are opting more for the dedicated servers. With the dedicated server in Johannesburg, the performance can be maximized and the cost can be minimized. Such dedicated servers maintain data integrity and are much secure and stable to use.

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