8 Best Apps to Create NFT Art

8 Best Apps to Create NFT Art

NFT is growing in popularity around the globe. The most valuable NFT is valued at $91.8 million. Let’s find out what this mysterious term means, and how you can create NFT using your mobile phone.

  • 23% of US millennials have NFTs
  • NFT collectors are three times more likely to be men than women
  • Asia has the top five nations with the highest NFT adoption.
  • In 2021, the number of NFT art sold exceeded 1.5 million in one month.
  • An NFT meme was sold for $4,000,000

What is NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. NFTs can be described as digital assets that have publicly-verifiable intellectual property. NFT can be any digital file, such as a photo or image, 3D-visual model and video, audio, collection cards, or skin. A few terms are necessary to understand NFT in its entirety.

Non-Fungible token means digital assets cannot be interchanged and is unique to a person. FungibleTokens, on the other hand, can be used interchangeably and can be broken down into smaller units to create the same value. A EUR100 bill, for example, is fungible as you can exchange it to get two EUR50 bills, or ten EUR10 bills and still get EUR100. The Mona Lisa painting, on the other hand, is not fungible because it is unique. Mona Lisa paintings copied in other versions don’t have the same value because they aren’t authentic.

Token is a digital certificate that is stored in a secure distributed database (blockchain). This means that every token has distinguishable information such as the owner of the digital asset and the seller. The token’s historical data cannot be deleted or modified, ensuring that your NFT originality is protected. The famous NFT- HUMAN ONE by Beeple, for example, will always have a codified history of the original seller (in this instance Beeple) as well as the history of all those who bought it and then resold it. This will ensure that your painting is original.

Blockchain is a distributed database that is shared between nodes in a computer network. Blockchain is distributed and can be used by 1000nds of people simultaneously. It is also constantly updated and verified. This means that any block with errors is immediately detected by the network. You can’t change any blocks that have been encrypted and added to the network. Blockchain is therefore considered a secure database. Blockchain is open to everyone, and it’s also permissionless.

Now that you have all the terminology down, let’s summarize the key principles of NFTs.

  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are digital assets that run on a blockchain.
  • NFTs are distinct assets that can be used interchangeably.
  • Every NFT includes distinguishable information which identifies who owns and sold it. This makes digital assets easily verifiable. You can therefore always determine which piece of art is original via the blockchain.

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How does NFT work and how can you benefit?

NFT works in the same way as any other unique physic goods: an artist creates art, then locates a gallery to show it off, and finally, a collector will view it and purchase it. Digital transactions are more secure than the physical world. The main selling point for NFT is the uniqueness of digital assets. They can’t be duplicated.

You need to identify yourself as a target group to understand how NFT can help you.

  • Seller (artist, art studio)
  • Buyer (collector, player)
  • Marketplace

To become a seller you will first need to create an asset digitally and then search for an NFT marketplace that allows you to sell it. You can set a fixed percentage of sales for artists who put their art on the NFT marketplace. This means that 10% of your digital art will be resold every time it is sold.

You are a buyer and you’re looking for unique pieces of art on various NFT marketplaces. You can buy the item once you find it. Your name will also be permanently encrypted in this digital piece. You can also sell it at a higher cost and make a profit.

As a marketplace, you create a marketplace that uses blockchain technology to allow buyers and sellers to exchange NFTs. You charge a percentage for your service.

Top 8 apps to create NFT art

You don’t have to believe in NFT if you are still skeptical. You only need a smartphone and a lot of curiosity. These are the top 8 apps you can use to create crypto art on your phone.

1. NFT Creator

NFT Creator is an iOS app that turns your photos into crypto art. This app has a variety of filters, You can create unique pieces of art using a variety of fonts, backgrounds, and filters. You can also export your crypto art to certain NFT markets.

  • Available on: Apple App Store
  • Price: 3 Days Trial, then $3.99/Week OR $49.99/Year


NFTGO lets users create, buy and sell NFTs from their mobile phones. NFT GO’s mobile user activity and install volume have increased dramatically over the last few months. It’s an all-in-one application that meets all the needs of the NFT community. This app’s best feature is that you don’t need any crypto to purchase NFTs. NFT GO allows users to pay using native in-app payments, and the backend handles complex crypto transactions. Users can create NFT and transfer it to other NFT markets or sell it on NFTGO’s own marketplace. This app is compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, and more will be added in the near future.

  • Available on: Apple App Store
  • Price: No Charge (In-app purchases)

3. SketchAR

SketchAR allows you to transform your art into NFTs. The app supports AR, AI, and various canvases. This will allow you to create amazing crypto art. SketchAR encourages creators through the selection of a “Creator-of-the Week” Your artwork will be automatically converted into NFT and the user is granted a PRO account.

  • Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Price: 1 Month Subscription – $14.99/Month

4. GoArt

GoArt is powered by powerful AI-Intelligence technology. This app allows you to apply artistic styles to photos and create beautiful artwork. You can use various filters such as Van Gogh, Impressionism, and Sketches. You can also download artworks in high resolution and print them out.

  • Available at: Google Play Store and Mac App Store
  • Price: No-cost trial (In-app purchases starting at $1.99

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5. NinjaFT

NinjaFT is An app for NFT beginners. This app is unique because it combines both a tool for creating NFT and a marketplace for digital artwork. You can also mint and purchase NFT collectibles with this app. Discover NinjaFT to discover how you can benefit from this app.

  • Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store
  • Price: Limited free (In-app purchases starting at EUR8.49).

6. SuperMe

SuperMe does not allow you to create NFT. You can create cartoon avatars here. SuperMe is a popular app that allows you to create avatars and share them with friends. You can download your avatar and use it as an NFT.

  • Available on: Apple and Google App Store
  • Price: Limited free (In-ap purchases are possible)

7. WOMBO Dreams

Dream by WOMBO is an AI-powered paint tool. The app does not specialize in NFT creation. It is an excellent tool for creating digital artwork, which you can use to make NFTs. This app has the greatest advantage: It has a simple UX and is free to use.

  • Available on: Apple and Google App Store
  • Price: Free

8. 8bit Painter

Pixelated artwork is one of the most common NFT styles. 8bit painter lets you transform your images and photos into pixelated art. This app is both fun and useful for NFT creation.

  • Available on: Apple and Google App Store
  • Price: Limited free (In-ap purchases are possible)

Are you ready to get started with NFT?

NFT is much simpler than you might think. The NFT community is growing every day which means that people are seeing the true value of digital art. It doesn’t matter if it is a culture or a trend; everyone can test it out and see if it can help them.

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