Wipro joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance


Wipro joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Wipro Limited has joined the Blockchain at Transport Alliance (BiTA) to spearhead the growth of blockchain criteria and induce blockchain adoption in the transportation market.

BiTA is an industry group dedicated to establishing blockchain criteria for the freight industry. It was formed by experienced technology and transportation professionals to create a forum for the development of blockchain criteria and education for the freight market.

The team provides a platform to develop and adopt common frameworks and criteria using which industry participants can construct innovative blockchain software.

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Wipro plans to use this platform to help ideate platform-agnostic blockchain standards for the logistics and transport industry.

Craig Fuller, Managing Director, BiTA said, “We’re excited to welcome Wipro to the BiTA family. Our goal was to bring together leading firms operating in the freight technology businesses that are interested in the progression of blockchain technology.

“We anticipate working closely with Wipro’s blockchain specialists to drive enterprise-scale blockchain adoption for global transportation organizations, especially around use cases such as supply chain traceability, trade finance, provenance, fraud detection, and compliance management.

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“Owing to Wipro’s powerful domain and technology expertise, and committed focus on blockchain, we look forward to its support and contribution to specify, design, and create blockchain criteria definition for the transportation industry.”

We’ll collaborate with BiTA and our customers to have a company use-case approach and leverage blockchain to fix complicated new-age logistics and transport issues.

“We look forward to actively contributing to the criteria for the usage of blockchain from the transport and logistics industry, and working closely with our international customers to bring these standards to action in their blockchain travel”

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