Influencer Marketing Program
Growth Strategies

5 Important KPIs to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Program

They are more complicated than other marketing strategies because they require human interaction. Marketers feel uncertain about how to evaluate the success of...

AWS Security Tips

Top 10 AWS Security Tips to Secure Your Environment

Data drives all decisions made by organizations. It is crucial to protect your IT infrastructure. Companies cannot afford to make even the smallest...

same-day delivery
Supply Chain Management

How to Optimize Same-Day Delivery in Your Supply Chain?

Customers expect a new standard in terms of delivery speed when placing orders online. Amazon and other market leaders have reset the benchmark...

Types of Chatbots
Artificial Intelligence

6 Types of Chatbots: Which is Right for Your Business?

An eCommerce chatbot would look completely different from one for Banking. Chatbots’ appearances and activities are similar to how humans contrast in personality...

Search Your Sent Items in Outlook

How to Search Your Sent Items in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook’s built-in search feature can make it easy to locate the details of an email you have sent to a customer or...

Improve Your Time Management

7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Warren Buffet once said that “Time is money.” It is a commodity that we all desire more of, but never seem to have...

AR in Business Applications
Software Development

What is the Role of AR in Business Applications

Augmented reality is no longer a sci-fi movie idea. It has been scientifically confirmed. AR technology is relevant in everyday life. AR technology...

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse
Big Data

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: Which is the Right?

Data lake vs Data warehouse both are widely used to store big data. However, they are not interchangeable terms. A data lake is...

Business Intelligence Strategy
Growth Strategies

How to Build a Successful BI Strategy

Each organization has its goals and plans. They gather data to determine the best approach and which actions to take. We can’t deny...

Product Design
Software Development

Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Product Design A Success!

Are you a web or mobile application creator who aspires to be successful with your product design? Are you struggling to understand what...