5 Top Reasons to Utilize VPS for Cryptocurrency Trading

5 Top Reasons to Utilize VPS for Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is an activity requiring a high degree of precision and decisive actions each time there is a real occasion to gain profits. For this reason, setting up your trading environment is a critical preliminary procedure that in many ways determines your further success in the area. One of the steps that are to be accomplished is finding the right hardware and setting up reliable and fast network infrastructure for your trading.

Albeit it’s doable with your own PC, there is a way you can make your trading undertakings considerably more efficient – by renting a VPS server Bitcoin, that you’ll be able to purchase directly by using your crypto assets.

Below in this article, we want to analyze some top 5 reasons, why VPS is a must-have tool to set up your cryptocurrency trading.

1. Connection speed and latency

Regardless of what kind of cryptocurrency you trade and whether you are a long-term or a short-term trader, connection speed and latency are some of the most fundamental variables when it comes to crypto trading. The reason for this is that cryptocurrency exchange rates may change rapidly. It requires knowledge and skills to catch the right moment, but your efforts can end up being futile if the latency is too large and your internet connection is too slow – you can just miss the right instant and in the next one the rate will change and not in your favor. This lets us conclude that the basic requirement for any crypto trader is minimal latency on their device – and a VPS server is precisely what can provide you with that.

VPS servers are not just PCs in the middle of nowhere. They are professional pieces of hardware located in top-tier data centers, facilities that provide perfect conditions for any device connected to the network – perfect connectivity, lots of bandwidth, location near the major network infrastructure backbones, backup power supply, and disaster mitigation measures.

This way, a good VPS from a good provider is a guarantee of the best possible connection for your trading operations.

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2. Dedicated resources

The performance of your trading depends not only on the external factors related to the network but also on the internal factors – the quality of your hardware.

The problem of using your home hardware for trading is that there are likely many more purposes you use it for, and many other processes running on it. This whole orchestra slows down the general performance of your machine and over time the situations tend to get worse.

From this point of view, another good side of a VPS is that all the resources on it will be completely dedicated to the main task – one of trading – so nothing interferes with your trading performance and there is no chance that your machine will freeze in the most responsible moment.

In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your own hardware – when choosing a VPS you can choose precisely the number of resources you see suitable for your trading activities as well as some subtler aspects, like the type of your storage device.

3. Uptime

As you most likely have concluded from Paragraph 1, a good VPS is to be located within a very good network infrastructure. Another perk of this state of affairs is that it will be provided with 99.9% to 99.99% of monthly uptime. This means that you’ll be able to actively engage in your trading affairs literally non-stop.

4. Security

VPS is supposed to be a secure hosting solution as well. The virtualization technology it’s based upon makes sure that your server cannot interfere with other instances on the same physical machine. Because of this, your sensitive information will be fully secure and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully.

5. Automation

Last but not least reason why you should choose VPS for cryptocurrency trading is a whole new perspective to be opened with it – automation bots. VPS will allow you to set up special programs that will make a whole lot of work for you. Considering that a VPS operates without interruptions, you’ll be able to gain your profits at almost any time, even when you are not able to actively participate in trading.


VPS is a perfect way to make your crypto trading more reliable, secure, and efficient, which makes it an optimal investment for a starting trader. We hope that the information above was insightful for you and wish you good luck in your crypto trading undertakings.

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