Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Android Apps for Smartphones

At this point in time, not many people used it, but now, that is not the situation. There are tons of different businesses which provide cloud storage, but not all of them have Android apps. Fortunately for us, quite a number of these do, and odds are you have heard about most of these. In this guide, we have chosen our best cloud storage apps for Android, those that we believe would be the best ones.

From the listing below, you will see 10 cloud storage apps, which aren’t recorded in any particular order. Every one of those apps has its own pluses and minuses, obviously, and it is your choice to choose which is the right for you. A number of them provide free storage, others. Some have a greater UI layout than many others, etc. From the listing below, you will get a description of each app, a few screenshots, along other pertinent info.

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Android Apps 2021

Below is a bit more info on every app, a proposal for the kind of user that the app is best suited to, and also a direct connection for simple downloading.

All download links visit the app’s Google Play Store list. Users are always suggested to download apps from Google Play or a licensed app Store.

Google Drive

Google Drive is among the best-known cloud storage app providers on the market. That is Google’s own cloud storage that’s integrated with the organization’s services. If you are an enthusiastic Android user and utilize a good deal of Google services, then this is most likely the best alternative for you. Google Drive includes 15 GB of free storage, and that storage is shared over Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

You are able to upgrade to a premium subscription for those who require extra storage, since you’re able to find an additional 100 GB for just $1.99 per month, in the united states. It’s offered in different areas too, however, the pricing can fluctuate. Should you want more storage, that is no problem. The app has a lot of useful features, and of course that its UI is compact, and it seems quite clean. The has an integrated file scanner, plus even more.

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Microsoft OneDrive

If you are deep in Microsoft’s ecosystem, then odds are OneDrive ought to function as go-to cloud storage service. Previously called SkyDrive, OneDrive evolved to one of the greatest cloud storage solutions on the market, and the app can also be terrific. Microsoft will start you off with 5 GB of free storage, but if you update to a Microsoft 365 subscription, or have it, then you will have access to 1 TB of storage. he is the best Android cloud storage apps for drive storge.

This app can automatically back up photographs in the camera roll, as you may also see them easily thanks to automatic tagging. Sharing documents, photographs, videos, and files with family and friends is a cinch. It is possible to set password-protected or dying sharing links, and get notifications when one of your files is edited. Scanning, signing, and sending files is also very simple in OneDrive. These are just some of its attributes, you will find many more contained in the bundle.


Dropbox is another very well-known cloud storage app. This app is excellent for families since it includes $16.99 a month for a family app that comprises 2 TB of storage and supports up to 6 individuals. This app also supports automobile photo uploads, and it provides simple sharing choices. The plan of this app is also very fine, it is clean, and the app is a pleasure to use.

The app offers Microsoft Office support, while it provides 2 GB of storage using a free account. Truth is said, that is not a good deal, but there you go. It’s possible to scan files from using this app, even though you may send links to your own contacts for all those big files you need them to get. There are several other subscription versions this app offers and you could possibly be considering.


Box is a very well-known cloud storage app in business circles. Many companies use this app, although it’s accessible to ordinary consumers too. The app provides a very straightforward and compact design that’s always valued. Box provides 10 GB of free storage area for new users, although this is only one of the very feature-rich cloud storage apps on the listing.

It is easy to share your files, pictures, videos, or anything else you have backed up. You are able to preview 200+ file types using complete display quality, whereas the exact same holds for printing. File-level safety controls are set up, even though you are able to set offline access to your folders and files. Real-time search is encouraged, whereas Box lets you annotate, e-sign, and edit a lot of distinct files through partner app support.


MEGA is a superb option if you’re interested in getting a great deal of free storage. This app provides 50 GB of free cloud storage that your way, with bonus accomplishments. If you do not find it to be sufficient, you can get 400 GB of additional storage area for $4.99/month. There are different tiers for storage sum, along with the highest one provides 16 TB of storage room for $29.99, in the event you actually need all that excess storage.

The app has all of the basics you would need from a cloud storage app. It places a fantastic emphasis on safety, while it’s a search function built. You’re able to download, flow, view, rename, rename, or delete your files as you please. The plan of’MEGA’ is rather fine also. It includes that contemporary UI that many other apps on this list provide, even though it differentiates somewhat also, of course.

Amazon Drive

If you are an Amazon Prime user, then this really is actually the cloud storage you need to go for. Why? Well, you will receive 5 GB of free storage, along with infinite backup for videos and photos. That alone is well worth using it because most people will utilize cloud storage for video and photocopies. Now that Google Photos’ complimentary storage is moving out, this is a perfect solution for all those who possess an Amazon Prime subscription. It is the best cloud storage apps for amazon prime users.

If you do not have a Prime account, but you can get infinite picture backup for $12 annually, and this is also a fantastic thing. Amazon Drive type of looks like Box in regard to the plan. It seems really nice, and it is contemporary. This app permits you to preview photos, videos, PDF, text, and Word files. You are able to search, rename, and delete folders and files with no problem. All of the essentials are all here, and then a number.


FolderSync is an app that’s been on the Play Store for quite a while. This isn’t just a cloud storage app, but it’s an app that will enhance your cloud storage utilization. What exactly does it do? Well, it lets you arrange automatic copies from the smartphone. You may backup files from particular sections of your choice. You are able to place a backup schedule to meet your requirements.

The app supports a vast selection of cloud suppliers and file protocols. Root file access can be supported on rooted apparatus if that is something you want. The app also will come with a complete record manager, which lets you access both your cloud and local files. It is possible to basically use this app to control your document management both offline and online, making it exceptionally helpful.


Degoo is a cloud storage service that is included with an extremely neat app. This app also lets you earn up to 100 GB of free storage, but remember you will not get that in the get-go. It is possible to make additional storage by viewing optional sponsored videos. You may rather pay to acquire additional storage, just like with any additional cloud storage supplier.

This app can automatically copy your photographs and videos, even if you would like, while it also includes a streaming service. It includes a very simple file explorer, even while the app works quite well. It gives unlimited data transfer, unlike other cloud storage app. The app UI looks quite nice, although distinct from another app on the listing. That might actually be a fantastic thing.

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G Cloud Backup

The G Cloud Backup is basically a backup app, not a cloud storage support per se. It moves towards backing your data up to the cloud, however, and is worth mentioning. It can backup your messages, contacts, photographs, videos, audio, files, call logs, documents, and much more. It will be certain you never forget that a document in your previous device whenever you opt to migrate, making it very precious.

G Cloud Backup offers you 1 GB of free storage in the app, to start with, though it’s possible to make up to 10 GB easily. It is possible to put it to backup specific file types just when WiFi is empowered, to store your own data. The app supports passcode security, while it guarantees secure data transport (Secure Socket Layer) and saving (256-AES) on Amazon AWS. The app permits you to copy SD cards, plus a lot more.


PCloud is just another good option in regards to cloud storage apps. This app is actually straightforward, and it is a fantastic thing. It will look really great, however, that the UI. The app can automatically copy your photographs and videos, exactly the same as several different apps on this listing. That’s a much have characteristic for lots of men and women.

It’s possible to make a few of your files available offline, even if you’d like. Sharing documents and monitoring that obtained them is really simple, although the app will not provide strong encryption. It includes an integrated sound player, plus even more. PCloud is a cross-platform provider, as are lots of different apps from the listing. It’s accessible on iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and some other popular internet browsers… along with Android,of course.

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