3 Top Free Duplicate File finder Apps for Mac

3 Top Free Duplicate File finder Apps for Mac

Do you know why your Mac is acting unusual and facing problems like lock up or slow down?

The reason is your Mac is running low on disk space. Now, this sounds like a very normal issue, and the solution is to delete the files to free up space. But what if you have a large hard disk? Then this task can be very tedious and tiring.

Another best way is to delete duplicate files to free up space, and this seems to be very complicated, but with the use of the right tool, this doesn’t have to be a very tedious task.

Here is the ultimate solution for finding duplicate files and deleting them. Scroll down to know the 5 top free duplicate file finders for apps for Mac.


With the most simple and sophisticated design and easy-to-use process, this free online duplicate file folder app for Mac must be used. dupeGuru is available in more than ten languages consisting of German, French, English, and many more.

The App needed OS X 10.7 or later. The scanning of the files can be done as per contents or filenames. The name of the files doesn’t require to be the same as the App utilizes a fuzzy matching algorithm. The best part is that such apps are free and very helpful in finding duplicate files on your Mac. Additionally, the app’s customizable scanning engine helps the user find the most appropriate matches in addition to the exact match.

Another exciting feature that the app has is music mode. Now, this mode can scan tags and show details related to music information. With a fuzzy scan algorithm, the other features consist of duplicate photo finder Mac. As the name suggests, it helps in finding similar pictures but not identical.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill offers various features for free and is considered a compelling data recovery app. One of the most interesting, helpful features that Disk Drill provides is a free duplicate file finder for Mac. This amazing feature permits you to evaluate external and internal files and find duplicate ones.

You can find duplicate files like documents, videos, images, and songs, to name a few. The best part of this app is that if you accidentally delete the wrong file, it helps you recover it quickly.

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Photo Duplicate Cleaner

This sleek interface app not only scans duplicate photos but also similar-looking photos. It scans your Photo library or iPhoto and even works on libraries of your external hard drives. It’s easy to use and understand so that the cleaning of your library is speedy.


The above-mentioned apps can give you relief from manually finding the files, selecting them, and then removing them from your Mac to free up space. With the help of the apps mentioned above, you can easily detect duplicate files and delete them within no time and for free. It’s always advisable to free up your library so that the cloud space is not overloaded with unnecessary photos.

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