How Can You Track Your Wife’s Instagram Messages

Wife's Instagram Messages

From a platform for sharing photographs and stories to a place to connect with family, friends and even lovers. The evolution of Instagram was a swift one. While social media comes with thrilling and exciting features, it also has some drawbacks.

A study shows that 29% of people cheat on their partners using social media. With these figures in mind, many individuals are curious to know what their spouse has been up to on Instagram and social media at large.

This post helps you on that quest, so you don’t always have to look over your shoulders but enjoy your relationship or bow out. To speed things up, you can simply run a cheat test. This has been in more demand, right now as it is the fastest way to catch a cheating partner.

Reading your wife’s Instagram messages

In all honesty, reading your wifes’ Instagram messages could be a herculean task. But why go through all that stress when you can know if your partner is cheating on Instagram using the simple Instagram Loyalty Test?

This is a simple hack used nowadays to catch a cheating partner. With just your wife or husband’s username, city or any extra information you’d like to include from age to workplace, favourite place for a date or even list of friends, you’ll learn for sure if your spouse is cheating or not.

This is done discreetly and professionally, so you never have to worry about it blowing back on you.

As the New York Times rightly said, more people appear to be cheating on their spouses. The sad part is that half of the time these people are left in the dark. This test helps you decipher if you’ve also been cheated on in just four days.

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Other ways to keep track of your wife’s Instagram

Here are some extra ways you could keep track of your wife’s Instagram;

  • You can use Instagram insights to keep track of their activity. From who they engage with to their comments and even likes.
  • Monitor your partner’s online activity and interactions.
  • Look out for questionable accounts unrelated to work or hobbies.
  • If they set up password-protected private conversations.
  • Check her email, Instagram sometimes sends emails about various activities.
  • Check out who they follow aside from coworkers and celebrities.
  • Also, a sudden surge of likes might present a cause for alarm, you might want to investigate the reason behind that.
  • You can make use of spy apps. While we have a good number of spyware for the Instagram app out there, it’s not just time-consuming, but quite expensive and not always reliable.
  • Finally, who do they communicate with the most on Instagram? This remains the key to finding a cheating partner.
  • Lastly, if you can simply, log into her account and browse through her inbox.


You can easily keep tabs on your wife using any of these tips, just pick your favourite. So, rather than let these doubts eat you up, use these to sort it out once and for all. Cheers to a loyal partner!

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