How to Sell Products and Receive Bitcoin Payments

How to Sell Products and Receive Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin has gained worldwide acceptance hence why it is attracting more curious participants. As a result, many businesses from every type of industry began to consider whether it is wise to pass up the opportunity that Bitcoin is presenting once again. This article explains how to sell products and receive Bitcoin payments since it is the most popular and most accessible option for your everyday business.

Decide How You Will Utilize Bitcoin in your Business

Some business owners opt to exchange their digital assets for cash due to the volatility of this digital asset. Others chose to hold on to their Bitcoin, hoping that its value would increase later on. Whatever way you decide to utilize your Bitcoin, remember that it will impact what kind of technology you want to use for receiving and managing this digital money.

Find a Bitcoin Wallet

Those new to the Bitcoin market might not be familiar with the fact that there are many options to consider when it comes to wallets. It is not just a choice of brand s. There are different types of wallets. If you go online looking for a wallet, you will likely come across a hard wallet, a hot wallet, a cold wallet, a mobile wallet, and a digital wallet.

A hard wallet, also known as a hardware wallet, is an offline storage tool similar to a USB drive. It is considered the most secure means to store your Bitcoin, making it suitable for business owners who choose to hold on to their Bitcoin for a long time. Also, tricky wallets are ideal for business owners who plan on accepting large amounts of Bitcoin.

A soft wallet, also known as a software wallet, is not the most secure compared to a hard wallet. But it is effective for business owners who plan to exchange their Bitcoin for cash. Also, most soft wallets are digital wallets.

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The cold wallet is somehow similar to the hard wallet in that it does not connect to the internet. Hot wallets connect to the internet, making them more vulnerable to online attacks. On the other hand, relating to the internet makes it easier to trade or spend this digital asset. When we talk about digital wallets, they are more user-friendly than hard or cold wallets.

Any Bitcoin you keep on your phone is a mobile wallet since there are Bitcoin wallets that are only available as mobile apps. Business owners should consider a wallet they can run on the phone and the computer.

Get a Bitcoin Payment Processor

Once you have started accepting Bitcoin payments, you have to look for a way you can convert this digital asset into fiat cash. Payment processors allow business users to convert their Bitcoin into their government-issued currency. Some digital wallets such as online broker for beginners double up as payment processors and wallets.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

You can accept digital money payments in several ways, including invoicing, adding a Bitcoin payment option to your website, or accepting Bitcoin in person.

Accepting Bitcoin on your website is easy depending on your digital wallet since when customers get to the payment option of the check-out process, they will find an option to pay in Bitcoin. However, for merchants who accept this digital asset in person, QR codes can help since customers will only scan your offered QR code with their digital wallet app.


If you consider accepting this digital asset into your business, the above guide should help you. Incorporate Bitcoin payments in your business and reap the benefits.

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