Top 6 Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Top 6 Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity with some governments around the world. It is accepted by many businesses today as a valid currency to process day-to-day transactions. It was only a question of time before online gigs began accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

Blockchain’s decentralized technology makes it easy to manage and pay freelancers using digital contracts. The gig economy is still a long way from embracing cryptocurrency payments in a significant manner, but reputable freelance portals are leading the charge. Take a look at how some of these portals work.

Top 6 Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency

1. LaborX

LaborX is a global marketplace founded by Australian blockchain company and offers cryptocurrency payment for freelancers, gigs on a short-term basis, or permanent positions, is an online marketplace with a global reach. Clients and freelancers are able to enter into smart contract agreements built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures smooth payments and job protection.

Sign up using your email address, as either a freelancer or an employer. The platform is free to use, but there are standard commission fees of 5% for freelancers per gig and 1% for customers. The gigs are divided into categories such as Admin, Legal, and Translation.

The premium membership comes with a number of benefits, but it’s not as simple as swiping your card. You must lock TIME tokens into the TimeWarp Smart Contracts. You will need to go to Pools and select your blockchain. The goal is to increase crypto adoption, Provide a safe way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work online while increasing the use of

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2. Ethlance

This site is built using the Ethereum Blockchain. Source files are located in the safe and fast decentralized InterPlanetary File System. Payments are in Ether. It is part of the District0x network, which supports free decentralized apps.

Ethlance does not charge commissions to freelancers or customers. You can create unlimited profiles, post unlimited gigs and apply for multiple jobs. You will be charged Ethereum gas fees, which are a few cents each time you update the Ethlance database. Reduce Ethereum gas fees and save some coins.

You’ll need to install the MetaMask Chrome Extension. This DApp is accessible through the Network Gateway, you’ll need to register with one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world to receive payment

3. CoinGigs

CoinGigs is a freelance portal that requires users to register, create profiles, search for gigs, and apply, as well as post jobs. Users can also benefit from escrow protection, which ensures a secure transfer of money and work. Only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are used to pay freelancers, allowing for borderless payments.

Venezuela Workers was originally designed to assist workers in Venezuela to make money online. It opened up to a global audience at the beginning of 2021. This is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin online. You don’t need any knowledge of blockchains or cryptocurrency, just a sign-up at a coin-exchange portal.

The portal is completely free and only charges an 8% fee per gig. There are a variety of categories to choose from, including Lifestyle, Music, Audio, Video, Animation, etc. in addition to the usual Programming, Tech, Writing, and Translation jobs.


Purse is an online portal for shopping and discounts that works with Amazon. This is a shopping portal that allows you to earn money by searching for deep discounts on Amazon. It connects Amazon gift card holders or crypto earners with shoppers who want to save money on their purchases.

Gift cards can be used to purchase orders on Amazon in exchange for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Amazon customers who have cryptocurrency to spare can place an Amazon order with a customized discount. Purse updates these orders. Earners can pay for these orders with gift cards and pick them up.

Purse tracks this transaction up until the order is delivered and credits the payer an equivalent amount in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. You can earn Bitcoins by being both the Amazon shopper as well as the Amazon user who fulfills the orders.

5. CryptoGigs

Cryptogigs is an easy-to-use portal that displays all job postings and service posts on one page. Signing up for the portal is required to send messages. You are not restricted to a single cryptocurrency you can earn to cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

It’s still in its early stages and doesn’t offer much beyond posting your job or service on the site and chatting with clients or freelancers. It doesn’t do much to protect payments, resolve disputes, or ensure secure transactions.

Payments are not processed by the platform, so you are responsible for ensuring that you are paid. The platform is looking to create wallet services but does not offer any currently.

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6. Coinbase Earn

This is a niche cryptocurrency earning portal that was formerly known as Earn. Users can earn different crypto coins based on the learning curve.

The first step is to learn about cryptocurrencies, and their workings and watch tutorials. Next, you can take quizzes and tests that will test your knowledge. You earn more the more you know. You’ll receive a small amount in your Coinbase wallet based on the quiz result.

Coinbase Earn offers fewer opportunities than other portals to earn cryptocurrency. Each quiz can only be taken once and the amount paid varies depending on which coin you choose. To get paid, you must know the way to use Coinbase as well as maintain a wallet.

Summary Up — Top Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency

The gig economy is growing. Digital smart contracts are the future of secure transactions and borderless payments. You may still be hesitant to get involved in crypto-currency. You can begin by learning about blockchain technology and how it works.

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