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23 Best Gig Apps for 2023

Best Gig Apps

Best Gigs Apps to Use From Your Home

You are looking for something to do while you watch Netflix? Earning points from best side gig apps that can be used for cash or gift cards.

The top survey sites offer many different ways to make extra money. You can watch ads, play games, or shop online. These are the best gig apps.

23 Best Gig Apps for 2023

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular paid survey website that allows you to earn rewards for viewing videos, browsing the internet, and sharing your opinions. These tasks can be completed directly within the Swagbucks app.

Once your balance has reached 300 Swagbucks (SB), it’s possible to cash out using a PayPal account, gift card, or cash.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie can also be used as a market research platform and survey site. that pays members to take surveys. According to the site, Survey Junkie is the most used app for earning rewards and taking surveys.

Best Delivery Gig Apps

3. Doordash Driver

DoorDash has a 56% market share and is the clear market leader in delivery apps. DoorDash’s delivery drivers, also known as Dashers, make money by picking up food at restaurants and delivering it directly to customers.

DoorDash’s Caviar service allows drivers to deliver. This service is only available in selected cities. You can become a Top Dasher by driving enough for DoorDash to get access to special rewards and earning opportunities.

DoorDash Driver is rated 4.7 stars in the App Store. It ranks fourth among all business-related apps. This is no small feat.

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4. Instacart Shopper

Instacart, the largest grocery delivery service in the world, was recently hit by the pandemic. As a full-service Instacart shopper, You’ll be paid to order and deliver orders to customers’ homes.

Shoppers love the Instacart Shopper app with top ratings for both Android and Apple devices

5. Grubhub for Drivers

Grubhub is another popular food delivery app that connects drivers to restaurants and hungry customers. It is available in more than 3,000 cities in the United States and all 50 states.

Grubhub’s delivery drivers will have a similar experience to DoorDash. You simply drive around and pick up food. You will be paid a base salary for your mileage and time on the road. There may also be tips and special offers.

Grubhub for Drivers has received a rating of 4.2 stars in the App Store, and a rating of 4.6 stars in the Google Play Store.

6. Trusted Herd

Trusted Herd is the largest live event gig site across the US and Canada. This is the most fun, and well-paying, gig work out there. Represent any brand or service at any place: sporting events, concerts, festivals, conferences, grocery stores, retailers, bars, it’s truly endless. Some gigs might be a few hours, one day, a couple days, or go for weeks. Best part, ANYONE can work these gigs if you’re out-going, reliable, and enjoy talking to people – you’re perfect. Take 2 minutes to join at – and start applying to fun brand ambassador gigs instantly!

7. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex allows you to pick up packages for Amazon and drop them off at people in your local area.

You don’t need to be a professional driver, unlike regular Amazon deliveries. You can use your car as you wish and follow your own schedule.

This means that your vehicle will be more worn and you will have to pay more for gas. The tradeoff is that it is extremely convenient. You can simply get in your car to open the app and make deliveries. There are no obligations and you can work as much or as little as your heart desires.

8. Uber Eats

Uber Eats, you might have guessed is Uber’s food delivery service. It holds 23 percent of the market, lagging only behind DoorDash.

Register if you are already an Uber driver by visiting the Work Hub section in the Driver app.

Best Ridesharing Gig Apps

9. Uber Driver

Uber is the largest ride-sharing service in the world, with three to four million drivers across the globe. Uber drivers are independent contractors and don’t receive the same benefits as employees such as a 401k plan or paid time off.

Uber has partnered with Stride Health to offer discounts on repairs, affordable phone plans, music, and healthcare assistance. You can drive your car and set your own schedule.

You don’t own a car but still, need to pay for fares. Uber allows you to rent a car so that you can drive it. Uber is a great place to start if you want to learn how to drive a rideshare vehicle.

10. Lyft Driver

Lyft is similar to Uber, but Lyft has a reputation for being more driver-friendly. Lyft is less popular than Uber so you might get fewer requests for rides depending on where your home is.

Lyft offers drivers 24/7 Allstate roadside service at a discounted rate. Openbay also offers discounts on auto services. Lyft also offers tiered rewards that pay bonuses to drivers who achieve certain driving goals.

Best Car Sharing Gig Apps

11. Turo

Turo lets you rent out your car to others on the largest car-sharing platform in the world. It’s a bit like Airbnb for cars.

One example is renting a car to drive to Costco or to ski in the mountains. Turo can provide a great source of passive income through this lens. You can set your own prices and it’s flexible. You don’t need to worry about if a tenant is in an accident.

Turo hosts can also get discounts on things such as auto maintenance and insurance.

12. HyreCar

HyreCar allows car-sharing owners to rent rides to Uber or Lyft drivers. Like Turo, car owners retain full control over pricing and availability. HyreCar comes with insurance.

HyreCar’s main selling point is the fact that professional drivers will be driving your car to earn money. Personally, however, I would be a bit nervous about letting stranger rideshare drivers and passengers ride around in my car all day.

However, it’s up to you and how attached your car is to you.

13. Getaround

Getaround, a popular car-sharing service that is available in the U.S.A and other European countries, is now available. You can also list your car on an open marketplace, similar to Turo. Your car can then be rented to guests for a set time.

The coolest feature of all is Getaround Connect. This device allows guests to unlock their cars via the Getaround app.

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Best Gig Apps For Selling Stuff

14. Decluttr

Decluttr Is a service That purchases second-hand electronic devices. It might be time for you to sell your old phones, computers, video games, and Star Wars toys.

Simply download the app, scan your items with your smartphone camera and you can sell your stuff. Decluttr will tell you the price for each item, and you will receive a free box to mail them in.

Decluttr offers unlimited earning potential. However, you shouldn’t expect to become rich by using Decluttr.

15. eBay

eBay is a leader in selling stuff online with over 138,000,000 buyers and millions of sellers.

The same eBay app can be used for both buying and selling. To get started, Download the app and sign in to eBay to create a listing.

Best Gig Apps For Handyman Jobs

16. Tasker by TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects people who need assistance with Taskers. Here’s how it works.

Taskers are hired to do things such as changing light bulbs, painting decks, assembling furniture, and doing other yard work. TaskRabbit is a great resource if you are looking for manual labor jobs.

Start by creating a Tasker account, uploading a photo, and selecting the job or jobs you wish to do. You can also choose your own pricing.

The type of work you do and where you live will determine how much you make.

If you are looking to make a living helping people move, $31 an hour is possible in Albany and Orlando. Similar work can be found in Chicago, where it pays $59 an hour, and in New York City at $66 an hour.

17. Bellhop

Bellhop allows you to book movers and find moving-related gigs. You can earn a living by helping others move their stuff.

You can create your own schedule with the Bellhop Pros app, in a typical gig economy fashion. To qualify, you must pass a background check. You also need to be able to lift at least 100 pounds.

18. Dolly Helpers

Dolly is a same-day delivery and moving service. You can also use the Dolly Helpers app for gigs.

Dolly Helpers can make up to $35 an hour if you are able to lift more than 75 pounds and have a truck, trailer, or van. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vehicle. Dolly Helpers can help you move stuff and earn as much as $21 an hour.

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Best Gig Apps For Freelancers

19. Fiverr

Fiverr has become a top marketplace for freelance jobs. Millions of gig workers, including graphic designers, web developers, and personal assistants, use Fiverr every day to make their living.

You can list your services as a Fiverr freelancer and sell them at any price. Although most gigs on Fiverr require you to work for a short time, there are still opportunities to find long-term work.

It’s evident that Fiverr is doing more than just a few things right, given its near-perfect rating of 4.9 stars on the App Store.

20. Upwork for Freelancers

Although Upwork is similar to Fiverr’s freelance marketplace, it has been around for a while. Upwork is more focused on established freelancers of higher quality.

You can use Upwork for Freelancers as a service provider to post bids for projects that are paid. An online business may post a request to hire someone to build a WordPress website. You can submit a bid if this is your area of expertise and you might be able to get the job.

Do these sound appealing? Get the Upwork for Freelancers App on iOS and Android to get started.

21. Indeed Job Search

A lesser-known option for freelance gigs is the Indeed Job Search app. You can search for full-time or part-time gigs using the app. It will surprise you to see how many legitimate companies are seeking remote workers these days.

It’s also completely free for job seekers, as the listing company covers all fees. This structure not only leaves you with more money but also eliminates clients who cannot afford competitive rates.

22. VIPKid Teach

VIPKid teaches an English language learning platform that connects Chinese students and North American teachers. VIPKid is a popular platform that connects students from China with teachers in North America. You should find plenty of teaching opportunities once you are accepted.

To qualify as a teacher, You will need to have teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree.VIPKid Teach helps teachers to schedule, review parent feedback, and track earnings.

It’s not the most highly-rated app in this article, with a 3.8-star App Store rating and a Google Play Store rating of 3.1 stars. But, I am letting it go because it helps over 60,000 side hustlers to teach English remotely.

23. Gigwalk

Gigwalk connects you to paid gigs in your local area. Major retailers and consumer brands are most likely to post gigs in order to increase the visibility and quality of their products.

Imagine a major soda retailer wanting to know if their products are adequately stocked at the local Safeway. The brand may ask for a gig to take photos of the soda aisle at the supermarket. These photos would be submitted and documented by you.

Last Line

The gig economy has many positive aspects. You have to hustle if your goal is to succeed, especially if your job is to be replaced.

However, gig work can be one of the best financial decisions you make. You can make a difference in your life by using gig apps, whether you have a few side hustles or go full-time with side hustles.

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