10 Strategies for Hiring and Retaining New Employees

10 Strategies for Hiring and Retaining New Employees

It’s not about hiring to grow a small business team. It’s also about keeping your existing employees. This is a crucial concept as many companies struggle to find motivated and qualified candidates. These are some tips to help you hire and retain top talent, thanks to the members of our online community for their support.

1. Upgrade Your Onboarding Checklists by Ditching Excel

Excel is the most popular choice for checklists and charts. It may be time for an upgrade if Excel is used for onboarding and hiring. Grace Donaldson shares her thoughts on why Excel is not the right tool for you in this Process Street post.

2. use recruitment tools can help you improve your HR strategy

Like any other business department, HR can be automated and improved. You can check out this ProofHub post from Nandini Sharma if you haven’t tried any online or digital recruiting tools.

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3. Eliminate Dread and Drudgery from the Workplace

It’s impossible to get the best from your team if they hate coming to work. If you feel uncomfortable in your office, it is time to change. This Startup Professionals Musings post will discuss Marty Zwilling sharing his tips to remove drudgery and annoyance from your job.

4. Rewards employees to improve their experience

It’s not enough to only give feedback to your team members when you have something to critique. It’s equally important to reward team members who do quality work. This Inspire to Thrive post from Lisa Sicard explains how to get out the best of your team.

5. Don’t Let Customers Chase Away Your Best Employees

Your employees may find it difficult to accept the “customer is always right” philosophy. Some team members may leave because of difficult customers. Read this Aniline article by Kevin Gregson if you want to retain your top workers.

6. Learn how to hire freelancers

The ideal way to expand your team is by hiring freelancers Without requiring additional office space or covering training and benefits, however, the hiring process can be a little different. Sabina Lohr shares tips and tricks in this Small Biz Tipster article. It was also commented by BizSugar members

7. Run Effective Remote Meetings

Meetings are an integral part of many workplaces. It can be a great benefit to allow team members to work remotely, or at least attend meetings remotely. This article by Ezra Sandzer Bell explains how to offer this option and still keep meetings productive.

8. Find the best state to start your franchise

A successful franchise business requires many ingredients. These include capital and a pool of willing employees. These factors can change depending on where you live. The location you choose can impact your ability and affordability to open a franchise. Joel Libava, The Franchise King shares which states are best to open a franchise.

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9. Combat the Impostor Syndrome in your Business

Entrepreneurs can feel unprepared to manage their businesses if they have impostor syndrome. It can also affect employees. Businesses may be able to combat it from many angles, which can help them work more efficiently. This Noobpreneur post is by Ivan Widjaya.

10. Encourage others through positivity

Positive attitudes can be passed on to others. Positive attitudes can lead to a higher level of happiness and positivity at work. Lauren Galli shares her thoughts on the topic in this Strella Social Media post.

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